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The Spanish – American Forum

Posted by John Sommers on 20th June 2013 in General

From June 22nd begin the nights of the Forum, shows that develop in the Ibero-American Forum of la Rabida and that, gradually, will realize in this corporate BLOG. The variety of musical styles and the quality of the participating artists, become again the traits most noteworthy for one of the most anticipated cultural events of the summer in Huelva.Arrive one year more to Huelva Las nights of the Forum so, programming includes performances and concerts of different styles, like pop or rock to bossa nova, to sauce. She not missing two classics in the Forum, such as flamenco and the opera, in addition to independent music and artists from the province of Huelva. The Diputacion de Huelva offers a free bus service to the headquarters of the Forum, which will depart as every year from the door of our Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva best located in the city..

The Opportunity

Posted by John Sommers on 18th June 2013 in General

Life is a nectar to be learned to savor no way to know what is life more than living, still alive, flowing, savoring everything with her. If you are looking for the meaning of life in any dogma, a certain philosophy, theology, rest assured that you will lose in fights and intellectual discord. the intellect cannot recognize what is life the intellect cannot know the taste of life and its meaning. Life is not waiting on any part, life is something that will happen, is alive and shows you the mysteries of being alive. Life is not as a goal to beam reach in future, is here and now, at this very moment, in your breathing, in the circulation of your blood, in the beating of your heart. Whatever you are is your life if you seek meaning elsewhere, you will miss the opportunity to meet the taste of life. The fact, that each person to the extent that has been fully identified with what represents the opportunity to live, to be fully identified with that chance, to get out of the time that we are allowed to be, You should know it taste, without to accommodate everything that impair the energy capabilities of enthusiasm, the manifestation of feelings, emotions in all its capabilities that generate happiness, authenticity. You should avoid at all cost dependency, handling alienation interference that weaken the maximum joy savor intensely our living. Tomorrow may be too late and we don’t know if we really are in this morning. Personally returning from my state of coma of 9 days, I remember some facts on which he believed to be a dream and is stressing me the importance of my role depending on my growth hard, taking advantage of the time, having submitted, as it happened to me, not knowing when it is called and what may be the definitivethat to me is me has returned to give.

Relaxing Music And Beauty

Posted by John Sommers on 5th June 2013 in General

Beauty is an abstract concept that is linked to many aspects of the human condition. Here we will try to describe it as the subjective perception of harmony and well-being received from an internal or external stimulus. In few moments has feeling the beauty of a flower, a sunset, a music or the smile of a baby caused that the body shudder causing an emotional well-being? Indeed, in other moments the same stimuli may go unnoticed this is because our ability to capture the simplicity and beauty of small, everyday things are mired by a mind too full by the tensions. We can use music to relax the Mint so that the perception of beauty extends to all areas of our life until turning it into something beautiful. There is a very old saying that prophesies that we become that they think. In this way we want to use this tool to beautify our lives. Sit at least 10 minutes a day in a comfortable position but without sleep and listen to the music that we offer for you to relax your mind. Once your mind is relaxed throughout your body will follow it and you will begin to perceive a torrent of positive feelings that will you detect life since its beauty.


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