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Internet Marketing

Posted by John Sommers on 27th October 2013 in General

Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about the secrets that keep successful entrepreneurs to succeed in your business or attimino. If I dedicate myself to the Internet Marketing do not know me, my name is Enrique Gastelo, now let’s see in reality the secrets of successful entrepreneurs are not so secret, the opposite: are the most public and completely known by the majority of people. What really leads to these entrepreneurs succeed in business or their attimino, are smart perseverance and the constant training in their areas of work. With smart perseverance I mean that we must be consistent in our business but using smart strategies and not already past outdated strategies, IE: take advantage of all the tools available that can do that our business trip toward the heavens. With constant training I am referring to the constant investment of ourselves, if it is a company with employees, must also take into account the education of workers. Thus we can cope with the competition, and compete healthily towards the development of the market and the lifting of the industry in which we work. What happens with these business secrets, is that people see them very simple or very difficult due to their lack of discipline or their lack of vision. In other words, they believe that there is some magic formula that will lead us to success as a matter of luck, without recognizing that success is something that must be fought to deserve it. At the beginning I also thought so, but then I was changing my beliefs and assimilating an an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates me to perform my projects with zeal and persistence.I recommend you do the same. I hope that you have served this article, I say goodbye and wish you the best. Original author and source of the article.

Electronic Billing

Posted by John Sommers on 6th October 2013 in General

With the new electronic billing system, the system of tax administration seeks to eliminate evasion, since this new digital system, manages to provide information of the amount to the person which is billed, as well as the service or product that is offered. In the past electronic invoice Forum, organized in Mexico, the general manager of services to the taxpayer, Carlos Garza, said that through this new billing system, the system of tax administration, will receive all data of the operations of the respective contributors, offering an effective, quick and highly effective service. The electronic invoice in addition, turns out to be a system extremely cheap when we see it linked to a system of accounting and management of costs in any business. These invoices therefore end up being extremely important since they provide the presumption of an operation of a fiscal nature. The person, to issue an invoice electronic, must recognize it as the proof of income. If project is actually an electronic invoice, this new system will succeed in providing security to many companies. Electronic invoicing is without a doubt, an extremely simple and multiple benefits system. It is estimated that within five years, approximately, taxpayers made all their statements electronically. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article


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