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The Administrator

Posted by John Sommers on 11th April 2016 in General

In accordance with Chiavenato: Environment is the context that involves the organization external (or the system). It is the situation inside of which an organization is inserted. As the organization is an opened system, it keeps transactions and interchange with its environment. This makes with that everything what it external occurs in the surrounding pass to influence internally what occurs in the organization. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.512).

With respect to the administrative papers it was observed that all are important for evolution of the studied company, noticed that they are well fluentes inside of the organization, therefore all the employees if relate in respectful way between itself. On the basis of the affirmations of Mintzberg (1939, apud IT HISSES, 2007, p.15): ' ' of an administrator the performance of ten papeis&#039 expects; ' different; papers these that are grouped in categories that contemplate specific situations in the administrative scope (interpersonal papers, informacionais papers and decisoriais papers). In other words, the task of oportunizar situations fits to the administrator that favor the relationship and the interaction with other people, the exchange and the processing of information and the taking of decision. Hierarchic levels and managemental abilities 4 FIGURE Source: Adapted of It hisses (2007) In the studied company the conceptual abilities are exerted in the distance, that is, the strategical or institucional level defines strategies, goals and objectives from the matrix and repass they for all the branch offices. The average administration or intermediate level has responsibility to implant and to co-ordinate the politics defined for the strategical level. Responsible for the execution of the tasks, the operational one, guided for the superior levels (Strategical and Tactical) and using specific techniques of its function, it produces goods and services following the standard of quality of the company, looking for to exceed the expectations of its customers. However the ability human being predominates in all the hierarchic levels of the organization, has seen the dexterity of the man to reign in any activity that it needs to carry through in day-by-day.

Companies And Internet

Posted by John Sommers on 7th April 2016 in General

Today the vast majority of companies are present in the network. However, the use of the possibilities offered is rather limited, assimilating it to other media. Many companies only use its website as a showcase. Have it because you have to have it, how no!, but are simply limited to place it more or less showy manner, but in the manner of a visual catalog, information without allowing interaction with the user, or between different users. Why not take advantage the possibilities of the network to interact with customers or potential customers? In many cases because the company has not adapted to that way of doing things, while in other cases it seems that they prefer not to know what they want customers to not distract from the important thing. Oddly enough, through Internet contact, that could bring large amount of information and ideas to companies, is scorned because does not understand the work that causes is compensated to medium term without any doubt. What benefits can I get a company with an open web that allow interaction between users with freedom, and participation in forums and social networks? It is important to understand something very simple, since it is something that we do virtually all the Internet users, and is that in many cases, before making a purchase, we seek information on the network, we compare, we inquire about the opinion of other users and we do not seek publicity, we want advice.

For this reason, companies wishing to take advantage of Web 2.0 must: – put within the reach of users of your page means to interact – participate in forums on the network in which people talk about topics related to the sector, offering free advice and information (postulating implicitly as experts in the field). -Promote your best customers to participate in these media, since they will speak well of the company, and encourage somehow to their customers, suppliers and employees to use this system. Leading companies They polled the opinions about them circulating on the net, trying to seek the opinion of the people and discover possible weak points to improve, strengths that exploit, opportunities to leverage, or threats to avoid. In other cases, exploiting the possibilities of the Internet requesting customers ideas, which in many cases will give selflessly, and also happy to do so (finally a company that listens to us!), and in other cases may encourage through gifts or cash (in the style of a great suggestion box). For example, the Lilly pharmaceutical exposes a Web various challenges in chemistry and biology, which may be paid to who will contribute up to $60,000. In short, Internet provides businesses access to millions of people who can provide information and ideas, and feedback about how well they are working. It is important to participate selflessly in this community and thank people. For more specific information, check out Isaac Dabah. Finally, you can also happen because there on the Internet, as in pharmacy, is everything – some user to criticize without sense of purpose, to annoy or manipulate others, or even someone’s competitive wants to sabotage our work. But not for having these cases the company must miss the enormous potentiality of the network.


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