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In The Night

Posted by John Sommers on 11th January 2017 in General

AT night after the prologue of the Golden sunset, the night quickly embraces the dark countryside, henchiendose night and nothing. In the last hour, growing darkness melted in a quiet timeless, and the high tops of the trees rise upwards as sublime guardian sculptures of the centuries. Not far away, a family of howler monkeys going back to his abode, altered a silence growing, tangible. Flocks of birds on magno flight northward contrasted with multicolored clouds of dusk. For a moment I remembered the trip in raft by the Bhramaputra which I had deposited in the domains of the worshipers of Brama, Shiva and Vishnu. I held my body against the magnum 20-20, which produced me a strange joy.

A gentle breeze produced a sibyls brushing over the high treetops that was thousand dying souls and one maddening feeling of loneliness I put fencing me feel for the virgin forest. Suddenly an outer ROAR startled me, a roar that was both the horror and the lament of the mother earth. Then, the beating of my heart started hammering me ears. The Bengal tiger.!! The legendary beast stood a few meters of my refuge. He could perceive the muffled Snort of the beast and the rustling of branches that didn’t hide his noiseless step. The beast, yo, and behind a desolate wasteland. I turned slowly and what the insurance of my gun; I immediately spotted the magnificent silhouette through the infrared telescopic sight. I carefully centered the animal, the infrared viewfinder again very clear night; then I gently supported my index on the rest of the trigger.

But the scene left me stunned, the animal carried a small tigrecillo between their jaws and behind, three more followed him. For one second that seemed endless, I felt his bright eyes riveted on mine through the sight. A plea and he distinguished himself in his eyes?, I’ll never have the certainty. Then he continued his journey, I outlined a smile, I sat on a log and watched the passing of the young mother. Later, I reasegure my rifle forever. NELSON ASTEGHER original author and source of the article.

Revived Creation

Posted by John Sommers on 8th January 2017 in General

But, since Jav showed to be able taking off the people of Cativeiro and Jesus made over again of deceased with all the creation, it makes sensible to speak of the creation and the incarnation of the Verb and the permanence of it with us. The salvfico fact of the Exodus was living that the people discovered that Jav also is Creative. If It is capable to take off the people of the moral slavery and the social political oppression of the Fara, and to make it a people of priests, kings and prophet, also is capable to create everything of the nothing. By means of the historical revelation of Jav Salvador, the faith of the people intuiu, therefore, the revelation of the Creator. Also, the resurrection of Jesus ratifies the salvfico-criacional intention of the Father. The neotestamentrios hagigrafos had celebrated and announced the salvficos events on the Revived and the Flesh-color, retrospectively, retracing until its intratrinitria Origin, before writing the NT.

' ' In the principle (in God, principle and end of all the things) it was the Verb ' '. This logic folloied the process description-revelatrio and redacional of AT and NT. God created and saved all the things in the Trindade imanente, in the time and space, the fullness of the time in, for, for the Only Son. Of all eternity, the Unignito is the center of the creation and the salvation. Therefore, of all eternity, Pai and Ruah generate the Son and in it they create the ideal models of each species, before the creation in the time and the space. In the Son, ab perpetual, the things had been created the models ideas of all. Before all the centuries and the secular and space creation, when generating the Only Son, the Father and Gods Mother had generated in it the ideal archetypes of all the things.


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