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Posted by John Sommers on 28th April 2017 in General

The materials used in this work throughout the period of training had been texts that relate the substance with boarded subjects in 7 series and that they interest the pupils, for example, ' ' Why we sweat? ' ' , ' ' There! Ui! I am ardendo! ' ' ' ' Why we feel cimbra? ' ' (texts of the magazine Science Today of the Children) texts that bring the subjects on the human body in a simple language that approaches the substance of day-by-day of the reader, and illustrative making that the educandos learn the content and not only they decorate the scientific terms and concepts. It is a way to approach the science of day-by-day of our pupils, being made that they perceive that that we are studying are the anatomy and physiology of our body, understanding all the processes that occur in it. The search for texts that approach educating of the substance short while demands of the professor a time for search and choice of material, becoming these difficult activities since in the didactic book already it has the substance that we have to teach. However, it is rewarding to see in the face of each one of the pupils the pleasure in studying, arguing, and to observe the substance that is being worked of a clearer and contextualizada form with its reality and, for this all done effort valley the penalty. The studies presented in this article demonstrate to the importance of in agreement reading some cited authors, giving emphasis of as contextualizados texts assist the educandos in the learning process, presenting stories of students of a group of seventh series whom they prove how much this methodology brings resulted satisfactory. The importance of the Reading To read is more than what decoding of words, phrases and texts. It is necessary reflection, interpretation of what he is being read so that if it does not become an alienation exercise and yes that the person searchs an understanding contextualizada.

Japanese Emperor Meiji

Posted by John Sommers on 20th April 2017 in General

Reiki meanwhile is the talk of the people. More Menorca of people knows knows what it is and especially what can. Many times as one of the first concepts related to Reiki to put your hand is named. Although this describes a possible implementation of Reiki area, not enough to describe the method of spiritual development, because Reiki is much more than just putting your hands. Reiki, which has obtained its name from Mikao Usui approximately 100 years ago, is a holistic path for a relaxed and successful life with better health. To this purpose Reiki offers different tools that can help the individual to develop. One of these trails is meditation, Usui Sensei taught in the form of the Gassho. He recommends, sit upright and hold hands at the height of the heart seanalando upwards.

Stay a few minutes with eyes closed at this sitting position and observed in this breathing may lead to a deep feeling of relaxation. Another method of enriching life human, are the five rules of life, that Usui Sensei has taken from the Japanese Emperor Meiji and practiced successfully himself, so he also recommended them to his students. Because the rules of life in the first West were known by Usui Sensei, often also called life Usui rules or rules of life of Reiki, what is not really going to the core of the thing. Five simple principles are introduced in the rules of life, which can give a blessing to everyone who follows them. The methods described above naturally can be used per person, if you practice Reiki also or not. Reiki still offers much more for people interested. In a sequence of certain energy activations (in the West also called initiations) each person can activate channels of energy hidden inside her channel and transmit universal energy to the own well-being such as the welfare of other people, animals, etc. These triggers can be given by a Reiki Master. A method very popular in the time of today is the work of the friendship of Reiki, Reiki school online accredited by the German Confederation of Reiki. Here many hundreds of people learning together since 2004 and each one by itself individually to use Reiki blessings and other forms of energy in their daily work.

Canine Massage

Posted by John Sommers on 14th April 2017 in General

Not only are human beings who can enjoy the benefits of massage. Dogs can be affected by massage. If properly practiced massage for well being and relieve some pain. This truth applies to both humans and dogs, but in general all the animals what they are. Who’s Canine massage? E ‘for very active dogs, such as breeding dogs, sled dogs, guide dogs for the blind, hunting dogs and all dogs who work in community service and government: forests and zoos, rescue dogs, customs , police, army etc.. Canine massage is so beneficial for these types of dogs because they are engaged in “activities” stressful, and is a way to reward them for giving them a little ‘time to do well and allow them to recover their efforts in the best conditions. Canine massage, however, is directed not only active dogs.

It can also be helpful for dogs suffering from diseases such as hip dysplasia that affects many dogs, unfortunately. But even in cases brought heavy shock or traumatic of severe stress. The old age, or simply those who leave can also enjoy massages dog. He should also know that massage not only benefit the dogs themselves. The mass that his dog, and who knows how to do it, you also feel a sense of well being and relaxation. Massage brings his dog well be both: the dog as his master. It is, in all cases the opportunity to share wonderful moments with your pet. But beware, canine massage, can not replace veterinary care. It may accompany the healing process, alleviate the suffering of animals, but is not to suggest that the canine massage can cure a sick animal. Today, more and more people are being trained canine massage techniques. Either because they maintain a special relationship with their dog, but sometimes the prospect of redevelopment. In the United States the practice is widespread among dog lovers. In Europe, the pioneers have begun this process and the phenomenon is beginning to grow.


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