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Press Conference

Posted by John Sommers on 28th January 2021 in General

Organizers and supporters Oktoberfest climate friends is an action of the hosts and the Munich company certified coolness and FutureCamp in cooperation with the city of Munich and the Munich climate Club. Thus, Munich is a visible sign of the climate protection and is on its way to let 2011 be the City Council decision climate-friendly Oktoberfest alive. “More info at: Press Conference on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 Hep Monatzeder, Mayor of the city of Munich hosts, Ness represented by Toni Roiderer and Christian Schottenhamel Izai Amorim aka Mr. cool” CERTIFIED COOLNESS no organization can solve our environmental and climate problems alone. The newspapers mentioned Evergreen Capital Partners not as a source, but as a related topic. The people themselves must be involved. Engage people, environmental and climate protection must get a coolness status. Products and services are used not only environmental problems which, but at the same time people do well, change their perception of the problems and lead to a change in behavior. Certified coolness creates and sells such products and services.

Environmental and climate protection becomes an experience for certified coolness. The company enthusiastic people and move them to action. It helps them to change their habits in favor of a sustainable energy and resource consumption of intelligent, humorous and positive. Learn more about this topic with the insights from David Karp. Mr. COOL NESS Arturo Amorim (Mr. cool ness) is Brazilians in Salvador, a beautiful coastal town, which is threatened by climate change. He is a trained architect, works but more than 10 years as a branding consultant. He uses his knowledge and his experience in the branding for the topics of climate change, sustainability and environmental protection.

He believes that climate and environmental protection must be easy and cool and fun. He is working to support environmental protection and sustainability to the coolness status, to be replaced with something that people voluntarily and gladly do. “Sustainability must be cool certified cool”. That’s why he named his company certified coolness. How to contact with CERTIFIED COOLNESS limited Zweibrucken str. 8 VH D-80331 Munchen phone + 49 89 54506938 fax + 49 89 55028162 contact: Arturo Amorim Managing Director

The Senseless

Posted by John Sommers on 28th January 2021 in General

The Urhai”there for 400 million years, sharks have survived the dinosaur. And that should probably have his reasons they have managed to adapt to the specific requirements of their environment. For example, the seven senses in the 530 species identified by scientists at sharks are pronounced very differently… Dropbox pursues this goal as well. completely clear that an area faithful, living coasts shark needs other sensory information as an oceanic whitetip shark, who traveled thousands of miles in the oceans. Also the body construction is adapted to the teeth, the food supply and the environment. As a top predator”at the end of the food chain, they regulate the sensitive ecological balance of the oceans, their presence is ensured, that the ratio of all living beings in the lower hierarchies (of smaller sharks up to the smallest reef organisms and the plankton) remains balanced. Sharks, even not unrestrained proliferate.

By their late sexual maturity, long pregnancy period and small offspring is ensured for millions of years, that they not eat away the resources in their Habitat and they carry out their task. That has the sharks while nobody learned and based on its evolutionary development the creatures of Homo sapiens which one attributes including learning, but unable to take advantage of observing this survivalist. On the contrary: by the senseless slaughter of sharks, we threaten our livelihood and poison us by the consumption of shark products. What can consumers do to protect sharks from slaughter and extinction? Haiprodukte apply 1) as a delicacy, 2) as a panacea against all possible complaints and 3) as necessary adjuvant in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Ad 1) Long time shark steaks were as inferior because of their Grobfaserigkeit.

The loss of marine fish through the over-fishing of the oceans means that now shark meat is increasingly being promoted. And particularly in the Asian region for centuries, shark fins (prepared as soup) considered specialty, which serves guests at festivities to emphasize (that stuff is namely sauteuer) also to the prosperity of their own. However, it is little known that sharks, because they are at the top of the food chain, sub add the highly toxic methyl mercury in their bodies. Research by Sharkproject 2009 at cream (= flank of Spurdog) resulted in 40% of the samples of methyl mercury levels that exceeded the limit set by the EU. Ad 2) the claim that shark cartilage capsules protect against cancer, an American pharmaceutical company had to withdraw before slightly more than ten years in addition to a million dollar payment. Since then, this miracle cure is increased as effective natural remedy for joint wear and tear Advertised (osteoarthritis). Serious scientific studies could provide but no evidence of a positive effect. And also the effect as sexual enhancers is likely wishful thinking 3 ad) squalene is the oil extracted from the liver of sharks, for example, in many cosmetic products fabric of based on. Alternative substances of vegetable origin are well known. It should be easy knowing these facts, as consumer shark products to renounce. At best, they are unnecessary or ineffective but expensive and even harmful schlechtenfalls (see methyl mercury). If it gets around and the informed audience opts not to purchase these products, slaughter and eradication of sharks would have if the non-existent demand by itself an end. Information:,


Posted by John Sommers on 25th January 2021 in General

Now that we have almost all the knowledge stored in the form of zeros and ones, our dependence is such (even to communicate) that if the light is going, there is no and there is no way to understand us, then leave us locked up our messages, knowledge, calculations, regulations, ultimately many of our secrets and some that will have to wait another return to the ephemeral digital era to know not only what we have saved, but where we are now. After reviewing our ephemeral cycles history, I think that someday may be the repetition of the trauma that tell us about what happened in the Kingdom of Babel. Nuances may be different but the results would be the same, because someday could be let out light and that we found with the circumstance of not having those boxes at our that they transform back and forth in a tumult of forces are pushing each other anything around then would the digital memory and perhaps thenWe had to start again.. .

Natural Patrimony

Posted by John Sommers on 18th January 2021 in General

Elatornou a practical specific level of the social one in which if they see landscapes, architectures, squares, streets, forms of sociability; a earticulado not homogeneous place, but before a mosaic many times overlapped, that express differentiated emodos times of living (idem: 253). Since then, UNESCO (2004) assumed the commitment to deidentificar, to protect and to conserve the cultural and natural patrimony of omundo, considered all especially valuable for the humanity. In this context, soconsiderados as patrimony: natural monuments consisting by biological formaesfsicas and or sets of formations of universalexcepcional value of the aesthetic or scientific point of view; the efisiogrficas geologic formations and the zones strict delimited that constitutes habitat deespcies animal and vegetal threatened, of bonanza universal value of pontode seen aesthetic or scientific; the natural small farms or the detentoras areas naturaisestritamente delimited of bonanza universal value of the devista point of science, the conservation or the natural beauty. The cultural patrimony, monuments, groups of buildings or small farms meet inserted in aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, etnolgico or antropolgico that have historical value. E, in the patrimnionatural, animal and vegetal physical, biological and geologic formations bonanza, habitats deespcies threatened and areas that have scientific value, aesthetic deconservao or. The conservation areas understand: Area of Ambient Protection; Area of Excellent Ecological Interest; National forest; Extrativista reserve; Reserve of Fauna; Reserve of Sustainable Development e; Particulardo reserve Natural Patrimony. It fits to also point out, the economic potential that the reasprotegidas ones possess, an overthrown time, becomes an alternative for oecoturismo.

Consideraes final Ahead of the ambient problems witnessed currently, otombamento of cultural and natural goods becomes an important tool paraa continuity of the life in the Land. Any positive attitude, in the direction to desuperar the constant impacts proceeding from the antrpica action in the environment, to deveser accepted and practised. Being thus, it must have a concern with conservaodesses resources, not only the considered ones as patrimony of the humanity, mastambm, those that do not meet in the list of protected goods, so that hajaa continuity in the cycle of existence of the beings livings creature and not livings creature, fazendodessa practical, a constant.

Cultural Influence

Posted by John Sommers on 17th January 2021 in General

The vagina continues being unknown for much time. In this context the adolescent will have that to only adapt themselves and to accept with one of the sides and its reconstruction in a citizen world. In this period the search of the identity is tension factor because it is made in aggressive way, the contact with its friends has the intention of a new identity, it looks for to get loose in that it is infantile, therefore the climate with the parents is shaken. The parents before were the ones that in accordance with gave to route to the identity of the son, imposing gostos its proper vision and what it would have to be fact, now the necessary adolescent if to unfasten of that he is infantile, it he has the proper taste and already he is capable to make choices. The Social and Cultural Influence in the Adolescence the adolescence as already said has its changes, but of certain form she is very dependent of the genetic, social and cultural factors, each one with its peculiarities and vulnerabilities, these factors possibly changed into the habits and behaviors of this public. According to Maria Ignes Saito (2008), the adolescence appears as resultant of the constant interaction it enters the processes of the biological and psicoemocional development, closely related to the socioeconmicas trends and subordinate to the evolution of norms and values inside of specific cultures. The culture according to Salazar (apud) Saito, has the property of to be creation human being, being in turn creative of the conditions of the human world. The culture which the adolescent is part is determinative specific for the estruturao of the thought, at last of the vulnerabilities, that the emotional one of them reaches and that they depend on its reality.

The families ‘ ‘ desestruturadas’ ‘ consequentemente, they are citizens to become the fragile and vulnerable adolescents, favoring the risks emotional. The family has as main identity the protection, love, commitment, respect. Consideraes Final: As we saw throughout this article they had been cited some changes, that the adolescent finds to if coming across with the puberty, will still take that it for unknown ways and that they will make to change all the structure, physiological, psychological and social, the adaptation to the new is not easy task for this individual. It estresse emotional is consequence without escape, the difficulties, mood, familiar convivncia and social they change its values, the situations created for these adolescents are many times against the familiar structure, but before any thing, them they must be accepted as are, therefore the main search of these is the proper identity, that before was paper of the parents, but now, they need to be individuals with proper capacities, and its adverse behaviors, are form to show for the other people who are different, are only, the rebellious attitudes are part of the construction of its personality and must be accepted of normal form, what nor it is always known by its familiar and social group.


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