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Democratic Revolution

Posted by John Sommers on 29th July 2021 in General

It is worth remembering that Pemex and Petrobras signed an agreement in 2005, so the Association proposal seeks to expand the scope of the same. Leaving by a side time privatization interests, the alternative of Association arises interesting since through this agreement, Pemex would not lose autonomy over the hydrocarbon and also an advance would be generated in the exploitation of the oil fields in deep waters. Lula also intended that oil companies act together in third countries, since it is convinced that the joint action of both would enhance them above mere individual action of the same. For Petrobras, the association with Pemex is a good opportunity to boost its expansion plans. The intention of Lula is not limited to the Association in the field of petroleum but also in renewable energy and why it is a great promoter of bio-fuels: I never tire of saying that the Brazilian experience shows that biofuels will play one increasingly greater role in world energy matrix. The potential association is seen with good eyes from several political sectors. According to El Financiero, the federal deputy from bread, recognizes Alonso Lizaola de la Torre believes that: Pemex does not lose the rectory on the hydrocarbon with the partnership with Petrobras, which only seeks to have a partner who covers the technological needs and invest in the project to search for oil in deep waters, taking advantage of his experience.

Not materialize an alliance between Pemex and Petrobras, for Lizaola de la Torre, PEMEX would take 20 years to develop their own technology. The technological difference between both oil is evidenced by a comment from Calderon, who stressed that while Petrobras was drilling on the U.S. side of the Gulf of Mexico, 10,000 feet, Pemex barely reached 3,000 in the Mexican region. According to Alma Munoz in La Jornada, both from the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and from the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in the Senate were expressed in favour of a strategic alliance.


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