Abraham Lincoln

Posted by John Sommers on 22nd November 2013 in General

Almost all the men are as happy as This is decided to be it Abraham Lincoln is the second part of the article based on the conference of Father Mariano de titled Blas L.C chooses to live instead of to die, and would want to begin with the following history: A grandma of 90 years, in wheelchair and with weak view, had a granddaughter who depressed itself frequently. This one girl went followed with the grandma because this one sang, laughed, made all the tasks of the house with taste, enjoyed to go to the supermarket, in short, she always lived still contents with so many years above. A day the displeased granddaughter asked to him grandma She tell me your secret? , How it is possible to be happy to the 90 years, in blind means and wheelchair? the grandma responded to him I have read in the Bible this one phrase;I have come so that they have life they have and it in abundance. And it does not say, unless it is 90 years old, it is in wheelchair and she is average blind person. A person who puts enthusiasm in all that it does, like the grandma, without a doubt will be successful and happy in spite of the difficulties, slips, failures, or as you want to him to call. In fact, if you review the history and life of successful people, you will reach the conclusion that the enthusiasm makes prevail, because nothing great was never obtained without enthusiasm. In order to define the enthusiasm in all their essence, I want compartirte he following writing: Blessed enthusiasm! I do not exaggerate the praise to this celestial elixir that transforms, what magical baryta, everything what touches. If it touches my spirit, rejuvenece cures and; if it touches my work it transforms, it into victory; if it touches my language, it contagion to the others; and if it touches my thoughts, these become alive and triumphant.

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