Between Jubilation

Posted by John Sommers on 6th May 2019 in General

With luminous display of EasyShare display GmbH, the Hannover Airport Chaplaincy points the way to the chapel who knows that not – the sadness over the farewell, the joy of the reunion, the chaos and the hustle and bustle when travelling. At such moments, one wishes often a way for a few minutes to escape the chaos, to spend time with you alone and his thoughts and maybe even a prayer. At the airport of Hanover, this is possible. The airport Chaplaincy, which would like to take this opportunity, with two luminous displays shows the way. There is not the only airport chapel on this earth in Hanover. She is one of many that have joined together under the International Association of civil aviation chaplains (IACAC).

You could say its origin, took the airport Chaplaincy in 1944. The founder of the Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport were persuaded by an employee of Eastern Airlines, to accommodate a priest for the pastoral care of the employees and passengers in the airport building. Under the direction of Cardinal Cushing was built in 1951 at Boston Logan International Airport the first known airport Chapel. About 60 years later, in February 2012, there were more accurate already 173 airport chapels in 43 countries that are known to the IACAC. The reasons for the airport Chaplaincy are then as today the same. The airport chapels are to be places of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle.

Places where you get emotional crisis help and comfort. Places where you can pray and withdraw. Places that are open for one. Since 2005, there is the small chapel at the Hanover airport. It is supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover and the bishopric of Hildesheim. In addition, are involved in it the Catholic Church in the District of Hanover, the Evangelical parish of Burgwedel-Langenhagen, and the deanery of Hanover.

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