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Posted by John Sommers on 11th March 2016 in General

To the conductors it often happens to us when we punctured a wheel of our vehicle, we got upset, we complained because in fact he is annoying to have to change the wheel; in addition the pinchazos happen almost always at the worse moments, at night, with cold, with rain, in highway Next I am going to give a series to you of advice for when it happens that situation to you. If we have punctured, first that we will do it is to drive the vehicle until a safe place to avoid to put to us in danger or to put in danger other conductors. Once located the vehicle in safe place, we will ignite the emergencia lights, we will place the triangles and we will put the reflecting vest, since it is obligatory. Next, we removed the spare wheel, the cat and the key to relax the nuts. To use the cat to raise the wheel, in the low ones of the car is a certain point where we will put the cat to raise the car, later we cleared the nose cap, we relaxed the nuts of the wheel, and as we already had the cat installed in its groove we used, to raise it the car until the wheel punctured it is to four fingers of the ground.

Next we cleared all the nuts of the wheel we retired, it we changed and it by the one of spare part. From we will repeat all the steps but to the inverse one here: we place the spare wheel and we tightened the nuts, we lowered the car with the cat, cleared the cat and we return to give a strong squeeze to the nuts, even supporting our foot in the key and dropping our weight; we keep the punctured wheel, the cat and the key of wheels besides the security elements that we put at the outset. And to finalize and this it is very important, we will change or repair as rapidly as possible damaged tire. And if in spite of these advice you do not dare, to always take the telephone of the service of attendance in highway of your insurance of the automobile. Original author and source of the article.

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