Caribo: The First Mobile Car Community Registration In Germany Begins

Posted by John Sommers on 19th June 2022 in General

caribo launches first mobile car-sharing solution with revolutionary ad hoc procedure Aachen, 01.09.2009 – caribo, a project of the Aachener scientific computers GmbH, starts from 01.09.2009 to the registration phase on the portal for the service beginning in October. All interested parties who register until Sept. 30, pay no fees until December 31, 2009 and can be also lucky winner of Apple iPhones. caribo combines the economic and environmental benefits of driving with first\”with mobile Internet technology and social networking. Caribo AdHoc search determines the current whereabouts of the seeker by mobile phone and offers him automatically all transport facilities which are at this time (or in the foreseeable future) located in his area and have a similar goal, so are suitable for the ride. Here, the system reacts depending on the user position dynamically. The significant advantage of caribo – in addition to traffic congestion and protect the environment – related is booking the possibility of ad hoc rides\”, describes Markus Schindler, Managing Director of scientific computers GmbH, the new technology.

Thus, no long – or medium-term planning of trips is more necessary, because with Cabrera, the trail for a fast and flexible movement even on short-haul routes is created.\” Caribo to use, you need an Internet-enabled phone and the software available free of charge at caribo. These can be installed on most popular mobile phones. A GPS receiver on the phone increases but not imperative, is the accuracy of the positioning. The caribo software is very easy to use. \”The two most events one has programmed for separate buttons: I want to go home!\” signaled with a push of a button the means of transport in the environment which target you want to control. The driver\”driver signal button, you’re on a short track and are generally prepared in this way, to record passengers. You can save more common objectives, eliminating the repeated input of address. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Darcy Stacom.

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