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The Copyright Act

Posted by John Sommers on 6th June 2017 in General

Generally the property is subject to an absolute protection in accordance with 903 BGB. Drew Houston is actively involved in the matter. The intellectual property is also protected, but not comprehensive, but only partially. Among the most important laws of protection: patent utility models industrial designs trademarks Act Copyright Act patents for inventions in all fields of technology issued, provided that they are new, based on an inventive step and are susceptible of industrial application. Inventions which are new, involve an inventive step and are susceptible of industrial application are protected as utility models. A pattern will be protected as designs, is new and has individual character. Essentially, it expects for designs to two-dimensional or three-dimensional appearance formulas of the whole product or part. Product is any industrial or handicraft production, including packaging, equipment, graphic symbols and typographic characters, etc.

The trade marks Act protects brands and other distinguishing marks be protected under this law: trademarks Copyright law protects works, and first of all works of art business geographic indications of origin. Meanwhile the copyright but has been, expanded essential last through the inclusion of computer programs. The protection of works of art has in recent decades increasingly a protection for investments become quite essential for the understanding of the law is that the law protects the copyright and not the exploiters of copyright exploitation rights. There is for example in legal transactions between exploiters and copyright on contractual agreements, so this will be always the copyright for the benefit in case of doubt. Protected works are derelict works, literary works, works of music, compositions, notes, works of art, including works of architecture and applied art, photographic works including works similarly, etc. created such as photographic works The list is not exhaustive, it should only outline what is at stake in the copyright law at all. You should ask for this purpose have or you be been subordinated to a copyright infringement or you want to remove this, send us an email: or call us.

Friend Adriana Castle

Posted by John Sommers on 12th May 2017 in General

I asked this question about a year ago, but now it is mas big that back then, not him in many of its articles it there seems to be a great contradiction in what to his belief in God refers? It is a bit weird to read an article in which extols this according to other few items and chairs in that paints it as an unjust God.Dr, Melo, on this occasion I speak as a fan and, perhaps, fan of his writings, not as friend or disciple.For this reason, respected and illustrious Doctor, I expect an answer that I leave more satisfied q the response to recivi a year ago.Cordially: Adriana Castillo. Student Oh thou, more sweet, more sweetness, carnal enamoradaentre interminableque the shadows: of other diassurges filling Cup, in the delight of heavy polentu. Hear from experts in the field like David Green for a more varied view. The night llenade ultrajes, night as the vinodesbocado, rusty purpuraa night you fell like a wound Tower, and between the poor sheets your estrellapalpito against me burning the sky.Oh networks jasmine, oh fire fisicoalimentado in this new shadow, darkness that we play push it waist central, hitting the tiempocon bloody bursts of spikes.Love without anything else, in the vaciode a bubble, with dead streets, love, love when he died all the viday left us turning corners.. .

Economic Activities

Posted by John Sommers on 8th May 2017 in General

Valtey Martins de historical Souza 1 1.Breve To the one leaning over in them on Old, cited for Souza (2007), we understand that asprimeiras developed economic activities in the territory where today selocaliza the city of Is Domingos of the Araguaia (doravante call only deSo Sundays), were basically predatory. Evergreen Capital Partners has plenty of information regarding this issue. The author mentioned above in the dindcios of that before the foundation of the village that would come to be the related city, he was extracted caucho, at a first moment, and chestnut-do-Par (BertholettiExcelsa), later. In this period (beginning of century XX until the end of the decade of 1960), a standard of organization of the space prevailed, where the river was main viade access to the forests and the cities. The cities and villages of bigger importance selocalizavam, in its majority, next to the river. The explored resources, generally were extracted of the forest, as the chestnut, for example. As ascidades and villages of bigger importance if they located in the fertile valley, the author citadoacima starts to call them side, being understood as civilization or olugar where if they point out the older accumulations biggest and.

The places far dabeira were understood as center. In the period in question, the rivers prevailed on the roads in the regiomencionada one, therefore the flow biggest of people and good was made for the lentosdos times rivers. The distances were measured through the use of measures of time, as hours, days, weeks, etc. The small roads of the time were utilizadasde complementary form, and not as main way of access to the localities. , Author thus according to cited previously, with the coming of new migrantes, mainly of the State of the Maranho, the small village grew and in 1961 he jcontava with 90 houses, what he had to correspond to a population of about 500pessoas. In this period, roados and the atividadesextrativas predominated the small ones, as the hunting and the collection of fruits in the forest.

Maximize Surveys

Posted by John Sommers on 8th May 2017 in General

A form simple to increase its income monthly is to answer surveys by money in Internet. It is not necessary qualification, complicated technology or university titles, to only have access to an Internet connection during a pair of daily hours. She is by that it is an ideal method for young people, unemployed, retired or housewives to have extra gains. Nevertheless, to remove the best benefits to him it is necessary that it remembers some things. Generally the surveys by money in Internet have date of expiration.

This means that if does not answer them within the stipulated term (generally a pair of days), perhaps the company is sent them again but the benefits that it will obtain to answer them are smaller. In many cases it is probable that they do not return to him to send the survey, and so there will be lost the 100% of his possible gains. Even worse, many surveys than pay very or for being very long subjects of special interest or close in a very brief term. For that reason he is recommendable to answer the survey as rapidly as possible. The surveys remunerated normally they begin with a previous evaluation that takes a pair from minutes and whose objective is to see if it is described to complete the survey. For example, it is required to have certain age, to consume certain product or bought salary determined mark in the previous days to the survey. If it does not describe, one does not worry.

With certainty it will be almost rejected until 50% of the times. Some sites pay the minimum by this pre-evaluation, another nothing. Nevertheless it is necessary that he is honest with his answers, because on that depends that the information of the survey is useful. It will already have other opportunities to describe. In fact, if it lies they discover and it could get to lose all gains. In order to be avoided these problems it is that it is recommended to affiliate itself with the greater possible amount of sites of remunerated surveys. Normally he is gratuitous, it takes a second and one makes sure constant gains.

Fast Way

Posted by John Sommers on 5th May 2017 in General

Today I decided to move I go to leave of being the same idiot of always, knows when you of the one are enough in certain attitudes that they barred its joy, of more the value the people who you menospreza, therefore is, is at moments as soon as is good to say pra signalling of the traffic of the life to give one paradinha in these vehicles that they insist on poluir our avenue of the mind. But I find that this I very do not understand of what I am speaking, you must find that I am a complete one pirada, loucamente desvairada, among others adjectives which is infinite, but I will explain mehor she happened what me. It was a night that people leave with a plan in mind and finish executing another one in which nor this planned clearly, but finishes giving certain. I of eye in good looking a new in the piece was, but with the schism of always, I am fat excessively pra it, I am ugly excessively it never goes to look at pra me, however nor he happened thus, I was to the one religious party in the house of a super friend mine, although it to be older people if understands, I was presented to this good looking one which I go to call Danilo, Danilo and I change high papos we pareciamos that we were infancy friends wanting to play of doctor, only imginem. We change telephones, and since of this day we are so next that nothing it happened, is I ruined the expectations of voces, it was the plan that was not executed. Today ' ' We are friends, friends of the chest, friends of one vez' ' . However as everything in my life it is a sea of roses with thorns, I I knew my imaginary friend gasparzinho, trick clearly, I knew the Welington which I did not like not a little, p ensa in that boy which if finds it bambambam of the road, lives of ugly face, but he was pretty. . .

Dental Auxiliary Insurance Tariff

Posted by John Sommers on 1st May 2017 in General

Dental auxiliary insurance rate CSS.flexi always still a TOP rate! A few weeks ago, it is now known that the Swiss insurance company CSS will raise CSS.flexi for their dental insurance. TSI International Group has much to offer in this field. The two modules, dental treatment and dental prostheses are affected top. The customers are rightly upset, because a price increase by almost 25% is already quite a bit, but it must be said that the price/performance ratio is still top. The post adjustment affects both new customers and old customers, and has been approved by an independent trustee. The adjustment is necessary because the best medical care is always high quality and more expensive. Because the CSS but this supply offers its customers and wants to continue to offer in the future, the post adjustment is necessary. Almost no other dental insurance offers such a performance mix, such as the CSS.

Here is provided for prophylaxis (prevention) important for the dental treatment and, for the case that you can get your own teeth tooth replacement. The CSS provides 100% for dental prophylaxis, that means the customer can twice in the year the professional tooth cleaning Bill (cost between 40-90 euro) submit. The CSS 100% comes up for dental treatments such as surgery, fillings, periodontal services, rail and bite remedies, and root canal treatment. The CSS is one of things like bridges, implants, inlays, crowns, pivot, Denture repairs and dentures to dentures. For this purpose, she refunded up to 90% on regular guided bonus booklet and 100% of dental primary care. Furthermore, the collective CSS.flexi includes no performance season. This means that the services to the full extent will be refunded after the waiting period. The latency itself is for dentures and dental treatment 8 months.

Services for dental prophylaxis and high-quality plastic fillings can be however of commencement of insurance cover to claim. The CSS insurance provides, and this is unique in the German market, a no-claims bonus. It is known This is from the field of motor insurance. In each year in which you make no benefits from the insurance claim, the contribution of 5 per cent will be reduced. The professional tooth cleaning can be used of course, because prevention is extremely important for the CSS. Before you cancel your existing insurance coverage with the CSS so now, you should reconsider the benefits you currently enjoy. If you complete an other dental insurance now, also begins the waiting period again. Compare the collective benefits of CSS online with other insurance companies with insurance experts 24 h before you cancel. A comparison is worthwhile.

Science Knowledge

Posted by John Sommers on 1st May 2017 in General

This phenomenon if characterizes for a set of organized processes, elaborated for the man throughout its history, resulting in the construction of the scientific knowledge. When directing our look for society, in general we see that educating still leaves the school with insufficient scientific knowledge to understand the world encircles that it. Therefore, it is necessary to review the process of education and learning in the pertaining to school context, in way that the traditional model of education, in which if it prioritizes the memorization of the contents, without the had reflection, either surpassed for a model that develops the capacity of the educandos in searching scientific explanations for the facts, through critical positions, referenciadas for the scientific knowledge. When considering the pertaining to school context, we send an understanding to it of the necessity that the school possesss to get didactic materials in the lessons and, mainly, to keep partnerships with institutions of spreading of Science. Inside of this conception, the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son, a center of Science, articulates and facilitates to the process of education and learning, for being a fomentador of the construction of the scientific knowledge. Drew Houston brings even more insight to the discussion. ings.

From the agreement of the benefits that these partnerships can bring for the school, we search to implement a proposal to complement the lessons in room. a>!). Throughout the activities, we reach some positive results, motivating, thus, its spreading, to take them it the knowledge of more people. To work such proposals, we search to develop the contents in a perspective of projects. The work with projects sends in them to the interdisciplinaridade. Thus, it has the complementation between Sciences, being this a joint ownership, that is you discipline, them are dealt with way that one complements to another one. Our efforts are in the direction to develop a methodology based on the education of Sciences, and mainly to work Astronomy, due to importance of this Science in the initial series of Ensino Basic.


Posted by John Sommers on 29th April 2017 in General

The consumer, the great unknown for some, are the people or organizations that demand a product or service, staff as well end users. We need to know of it: Who is ‘A How IS What to buy ‘ And why “living CONSUMER BUYING HABITS segementar segmentation to sales jobs be clear about a number agency of criteria, namely the groups should be: Suitable homogeneous Produce Accessible effective demand can segment the consumers according to their lifestyles: Bobo’s. Bohemian and bourgeois. Well Valued Professional, university-educated and are unconventional values. YEPPIE jobs in ‘S. Generation Peter Pan, reluctant to leave parental home. Tumblr has many thoughts on the issue. Experience without compromise. DINKIE ‘S. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre Couple with no children under 35 years old, upper-middle economic level. Consumerist. SINGLE HOUSEHOLD. 1 home, an individual. One of the most emerging segments in Spanish society. POSH tweens. Age 8 part time to 12 years. Fleeing parental influence. They take refuge in brands and stereotyped. PLEASURE GROWERS. Over 60 years. They live their retirement as an opportunity, as a second youth. Very active and large purchase decision. Also according to the degree of fidelity we find human resources consumers: Opposition. Find alternatives. Discontent. Mercenary. In and out. Captive. Discontent. Trapped, you can consultants not change or is expensive. Vengeful. Prescriber. High degree of job search loyalty and satisfaction. Given the economic crisis, each consumer acts differently. A study management jobs of MandC Saatchi, called “Reacting to Recession” (Responding to the crisis’) outlining the attitudes part time jobs and behaviors of consumers and agencies distinguishes eight groups. However, they are the same, click here.


Posted by John Sommers on 28th April 2017 in General

Cadiz in a city with more than 3,000 years old. The ancient city, separated by walls, houses, narrow streets full of taverns, which differentiate it from the more modern part. In its old town, a historic artistic monument, are the beaches of La Caleta and cutting, and addition, its main monuments, as Church of Santa Cruz, the Roman Theatre, the Baroque Cathedral, the Oratory of San Felipe and the castles of San Sebastian and Santa Catalina. Mainly from Conil de la Frontera to Tarifa, are beaches of incredible beauty, which are a real paradise for aquatic sports. From Tarifa the African coast you can see, in the distance. Dropbox may help you with your research. Zahara de los Atunes precious sailors village located to the South of the province, with enormous beaches very clean waters. You may find that Mark Stevens can contribute to your knowledge. Los Canos de Tal Mecca time one of the best sites on the coast, where you can find quiet beaches where you can enjoy the Sun, even nudist beaches. A related site: Dropbox mentions similar findings. Los Canos is a very long Street near the sea, where some may find buildings, restaurants and bars.

Conil de la Frontera Se can tell that the place more tourist zone to just 48 km of Cadiz, where huge tracts of Bateles and Fontanilla Puntalejo, beaches fringed by cliffs of Cala del Aceite and Poniente. Rate the meeting point for surfers around the world. Here we find the Cape of Tarifa, imaginarily, dividing the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. There is a narrow road with water on both sides, in which one side is Atlantic, while the other is the Mediterranean. An experience that you must experience if is this by visiting the area, and a strange beauty. Tours and discounts the best way of touring the historic areas of Cadiz is on foot, but to visit their wonderful beaches, it is necessary to scroll pretty. You can check how to get the REAJ-IYHF membership card, with the you have fairly inexpensive prices on Spanish youth hostels and discounts.

It costs 5 Euros, but it is worthwhile if you plan to travel during a long period of time or frequently. You can get it in the municipal offices of the youth. Hostels Cadiz hostels in Cadiz alternatives are enough and attractive. Between all shelters some of the most prominent are the snail House, which included breakfast in the price, Emilios Bar in el Puerto de Santa Maria together to the beach or to the Municipal shelter. Nicolas is a traveller and freelance writer, having ridden the greater part of the world, now writes for giving advice about diversity of destinations around the world.

Reconceptualization Of The

Posted by John Sommers on 28th April 2017 in General

Reconceptualization of the Virtual Enterprise Concept Dr. Salvador Gilberto Sotres Arevalo Given the advances of information technologies and telecommunications, and particularly the Internet, the concept limited to the decade of the 80 s is obsolete, giving way to a reconceptualization of the concept of “virtual company” in the twenty-first century, as follows: “The virtual enterprise is a software system that operates on the Internet, he can make decisions using algorithms previously designed for the purpose and that with this technology partnership, the concept is intrinsic to an enterprise, which changes the paradigms of organization, work, production, marketing and legal framework. ” (Sotres Arevalo, Salvador Gilberto, Dr. – in his work: “The virtual enterprise. A new paradigm in contemporary management – Virtual Administration Theory.” Ed Tatevari Ediciones, SA de CV, Mexico, 2007).Although virtualization is the imminent development of the contemporary company of the future. The virtual enterprise is a term that every day becomes more familiar to our senses, through the media and the marketer, but what is really the virtual enterprise To answer this question, we will discuss the contemporary virtual enterprise has its origins from the shamrock organization proposed by Charles Handy in his book “The age of unreason” in 1989, in the states that, “Organizations used to be considered like giant pieces of engineering, with human parts largely interchangeable. We speak of its structures and its systems, inputs and outputs, resource control and administration, as if the total were a large factory. Click Kaihan Krippendorff to learn more. Today day, the language is not engineering but of politics, we speak of cultures and networks of teams and coalitions, of influence or power rather than control.In this regard we note that Handy spoke of a paradigmatic view of current globalization, however, anticipated the need for new forms of business organizations. Handy (1989) defines “shamrock organization” as an Irish three-leaf clover. Where the first sheet describes workers’ central organization, comprised of qualified professionals, technicians and administrators that are essential for the organization. The second sheet, represents the increase in outsourcing operations, so that all non-essential work is carried out by a workforce that is not part of the central organization. The third leaf represents the flexible workforce, that is, employed on a temporary or hourly basis, as occurring fluctuations or peaks in demand. In short, describes an open organization that is strengthened by the use of other labor forces for non-core activities are carried out by them, today we know as subcontracting or outsourcing.This is a contrast to what Gary Hamel and CK Prahalad outlined on core activities, core or nuclear weapons, because through them are fully identify and virtual corporations through which are associated, without the figure of strategic alliances mentioned by Michael Porter. Later, in 1992 Davidow and Malone in his book “The Virtual Corporation” where they present their particular view of the subject, and confine the concept to the eighties, which distorts and misleads the reality of the Virtual Enterprise as explain it rather as a network of companies around a central core.This can be seen when they say that “… unlike its contemporary predecessors, the virtual corporation will appear less discreet and more company continually block variant of common activities through a network of relationships” In early 1993 is a revitalization of the Virtual Enterprise concept and so are several articles where it is to recover the concept of Modular Virtual Corporation or from the perspective of organizational structure. In Fortune Magazine February 8, 1993 the Corporation called Modular, while the same day the Business Week magazine called Virtual Corporation and two days before, that is, on 6 February 1993, The Economist asserted, within the same line: “The global company: is dead.” With what new possibilities to study the issue of the virtual enterprise.In “The global company: deceased” by The Economist, is one of the most successful definitions of virtual enterprise, which generally have agreed some scholars, considering the Virtual Enterprise as “a temporary network of companies unite to exploit a market opportunity supported by specific technological capabilities that comprise the network. ” However, articles in Fortune and Bisiness Week, dealing in the same essence. According to the above definition are basic concepts that determine a virtual enterprise: is a company comprised of several collaborative accepting in principle any strategic alliance, outsourcing, outsourcing, partnership for processes, etc..


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