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The proliferation of rebels was not interesting for the Manchu government much less that they remained livings creature. Had to monges constantly to accept secular pilgrims or pupils before-ching, would be easy the government to conspire the destruction of the Shaolin Temple. Ng Mui did not want to copy the movement of the animals in the traditional way as monjes of Shaolin made; but had inspired they it to develop blockades and attacks. Ng mui added and combined its feminine sensitivity to the institivos consequences of gara and the serpent. Ng Mui developed 108 movements of box in the wooden man or muk yan jong, based in tero Buddhist that it has 108 spheres, and this number has one meaning mstico in the Chinese numerologia. Edge D has a Chinese legend called water. Where 108 warriors born under protection of respective stars fight against a corrupt dynasty, equal the Ching dynasty. In the traditional Chinese medicine, 108 bones in the human body are counted, and each one of them would represent a sin, that is, number 108 in the buddhism represents the 108 negative passions that the man has.

Meanwhile, manchus madaram troops to destroy the monastery for some times to try to conquer monges, however they had not had success. Treasonous Algun inside of the temple supplied information to emperor Ching, who would formulate then one has attacked the temple, with some troops being sent with the only mission to destroy the temple so that the dynasty if exempted of the rebels who wanted to learn to fight. Exactly manchus not having success at the beginning, a public personality, Chan Man Wai, looking for to please the government suggested a plan. It joined with certain Me the Ning Yee and other accomplices to botarem fire in the archives of the monastery whereas the soldiers attacked with arrows in flames in front of the Shaolin Temple.

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