Posted by John Sommers on 3rd September 2013 in General

Certainly you have heard that small and powerful phrase that says: " Everything what you look for it you can find in libros". I not you have put if it in practice or no, I if, you have put but it in practice will have convinced that one affirmation is valid and irrefutable. But so that reason you forgot to continue with this pleasant and nutritious practice? You can oppose many reasons, but the most used almost always it is: I do not have time! You know very well, the practice of the reading consists of several shades, that go from entretenerte, until throwing to fly your imagination, also takes to you until emocionarte, but in addition, with her, you can learn and acquire knowledge. If you are with the idea to mount a business in Internet, without mattering in question, will be necessary to learn many things with respect to E-commerce, if you try to arrive monetarily at some result interesting, and mainly rewarding. He is real practices that it of the reading was much more frequent and habitual at last times, then, with the arrival of television (the call stupid box) people went away separating from books; although it is certain that you can entretenerte, happens that you pass great part of the time in front of her and the hours an images succession of and sound vanish in, but when finalizing the day you have had left, very little or nothing of positive that to hoard. Soon Internet arrived, where also you spend hours in front of a monitor. But the great difference, is that, with Internet you are not a simple spectator that I could observe and repress its desire to answer or only to act. In the network " debes" to act and that is good. All your body, although you do not notice it, becomes jumbled, your hands in the keyboard or mouse guide the virtual route and thus an interesting activity in your brain is created.

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