Engineers Becomes Regional Officers

Posted by John Sommers on 23rd January 2023 in General

Engineers Association of Energy Efficiency Business has a clear value of strengthening the work that this company is doing in recent years in this area, where it has a long history that goes back to its origins. The association and brings together nearly thirty companies in most regions. Kaihan Krippendorff : the source for more info. This is a particularly attractive forum for engineers and DTS which is a figure that represents all the energy efficiency sector and help its growth by leveraging the synergies between partners, fostering coordination and representation sector interests globally. The partnership comes just in an environment of economic crisis, foreign energy dependence of serious environmental problems and loss of competitiveness of enterprises. In this context, the A3E committed to a new economic model that takes into account energy efficiency in the way of growth. The A3E, headed by Francisco Guillen Fernandez, has formalized its last general meeting three working groups, best practices, legislation and international area, where participation Engineers Ede and presenting the regional delegates of the north, northeast, central, southern, Catalonia and Levante. Were also outlined the strategic objectives for the period 2009-2010, among which include energy efficiency in the new rules, promote the use of energy audit as an essential tool to achieve energy savings in companies and institutions, to base the new model energy savings and promote energy efficiency in procurement processes and quality criteria for general government. Expand collaboration with the companies Tops and Factor CO2, Ede Engineers has also begun to participate as a partner in the new firm Ennova Factor CO2, specializing specifically in areas related to energy efficiency.

It also triggers the expansion of cooperation with the other two partners the company, Factor CO2 peaks and two signatures to which is bound by EDE Engineers close ties and common goals. So much so that along with the dynamic form the AAMC Group, a strategic alliance to service “turnkey” in the areas of environment, emissions, soil, consulting, engineering and facilities.

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