General Equal Treatment Act AGG

Posted by John Sommers on 14th July 2016 in General

Since the 18.08.2006 is the General equal treatment Act (AGG) in force and must be observed by the entrepreneurs and employers. If some company offers staff no training or provide only information about the AGG and how they should behave, this is very dangerous because basically inadequate according to this law. Here, compensation claims, complaints and others can threaten. The AGG tells that the employees in an appropriate manner to be trained. It is important that the staff recognize discrimination, drain discrimination and know the rights and obligations after the AGG. At mere presentation of information in written form the workers not active must (such as answering a multiple choice question catalog an AGG online employee training) be what probably will find compliance with the labour courts. How can such online training look like? Is an AGG online training required, where E.g.

the contractors at low cost, but with appropriate carry out training courses for its staff can make professional content, representation of the text of the Act, annotation and multiple choice testing procedures. The knowledge could in one easy to use multi-stage process expire, such as the homepage or other providers. Every company should the AGG accordingly are well aware, even small businesses. As for example the Landesarbeitsgericht Baden-Wurttemberg (judgment of the 18.6.2007, AZ. 4 sat 14/07) checked the age discrimination by termination due to age-related increased absenteeism in a small business. So, even a statistical comparison was done for this review of deprivation. All employees should be trained accordingly.

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