Golden Phone

Posted by John Sommers on 6th May 2019 in General

Have you heard of Asian luxury mobile phones. The Chinese in addition to multitude of copies of other phones with more sill and produce their own models, have also embarked on a new adventure that is the manufacture of models bussines or high range. You can choose between multitude of models, designs in leather, designs in gold, silver, Platinum, imitation of brands of fashion but in exclusive Terminal etc, are going that they are the same mobile but with a different packaging and that it should not be in all cases the best packaging and its price is high since it expensive is synonymous with quality although trying to thisI do not trust much. My reflection phones is like everything, are invented to communicate and their outer appearance not inportaba, but now and every day more mobile is a reflection of the person wearing it so design, customization are things that define us and create an image that other people see every day..

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