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In ultrasonic humidifiers have a built humidistat, through which you can specify exactly the desired percentage of moisture, and some on the display shows the current and level, which is very udobno.Osnovnym advantage of ultrasonic humidifiers is the ability to automatically maintain a given level of humidity, high performance and low power consumption and besshumnost.Nedostatok ultrasonic humidifiers in that they evaporate any liquid with all the impurities in it, so prolonged use moisturizer with hard water leads to the appearance of white raid on an object. To avoid this, use distilled or boiled water. In humidifiers firm plaston (Boneco / Air-o-Swiss) solved the problem of hard water filters built with bulk grains. Ion-exchange resins, which consist of the pellets, softens water. Replaceable cartridge is three to four months.

All dampers are designed to work around the clock, most of the models are silent or practically silent (25 dB, depending on the mode) to maintain optimal conditions in wet areas, especially in the summer, it is necessary dehumidification. In garages, laundry rooms, saunas, swimming pools, basements and other rooms with high humidity use dehumidifiers vozduha.Glavny parameter in the selection of air dryer – performance, ie amount of water that it can condense, in a unit time at a given temperature and relative humidity (measured in "liters per day and may vary depending on the model from 12 to 300 liters per day for domestic models). The principle of air dryer is based on the condensation of moisture on contact with air cold surface, ie desiccant – a kind of air conditioner: room air through the fan is fed to the evaporator, the air in turn cools, moisture condenses and runs down into the pan, then the air again heated and thrown back into the room. As a household dryer is fine any window air conditioner, if you set it inside the drained areas and take care of removing the condensate, the benefits such a scheme would be low cost, but the device will be sufficiently noisy and have low productivity.

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