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Posted by John Sommers on 8th May 2019 in General

I plaster, a company that should not be confused with Asus of Taiwan has just announced that they have a headset solution for those wishing to bring conferences with your Smartphone, based on a design that is inspired by earphones secret service. Known as the 500 K, are promoted as headphones the final conference call but you will be able to live up to its billing? You must try the 500 K headphones since they offer maximum comfort, clarity and reliability, and will establish a new standard of performance for mobile handset communication. After all, today’s business professionals tend to live a life closely linked when they come to appointments can spend many hours in Conference calls, as well as VoIP web conferencing. These advanced users of communications undoubtedly will be less efficient with headphones conventional, like which tend to cause discomfort, pain, and mechanical overheating in the ear. As for headphones wireless, those tend to suffer signs of fall and a short battery life.

Thank goodness I IASO intends to show the world what can be done with the 500 K headphone. With these headphones IASO undoubtedly has gone through a lot of care in terms of design and engineering before launching this line of headphones. 500 K acoustic headphones are, in reality, a unique pair of headphones that have been adapted from secret service design headphones estandar-edicion. It’s a light coil that will rest securely and comfortably in your ear without causing the ear canal occlusion, allowing one to carry these headphones all day without feeling of malaise and overheating. Not only that, IASO has also released a unidirectional microphone noise reduction which is located within the 500 K answer / hang up for unmatched clarity button. Account with durable cables and a military response from button to make sure that with 500 K headphones specifications will never leave of connect to your incoming calls and web conferences. You can use this headset with computers as well as most of mobile phones in the market, where every purchase of $99 will not need any installation, load, link, or Assembly and shall be accompanied by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty..

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