Intelligent Energy Consumption

Posted by John Sommers on 7th May 2019 in General

What do you mean intelligent control energy consumption? During the work floor heating usually standard exhibited temperature cutoff, ie, when the temperature termopola reaches a certain level, the system is triggered on and off the warm floor. This the same happens in the radiator when the thermocouple is triggered on and off the stove. But is that enough, off and on at certain temperature heating element, and the environment did not affect the heating mode? In the smart house warm floors are regulated not only on the temperature of the heating element (can you have it under-floor heated and off, not heating the environment), but on the condition of the air temperature in indoors, the state itself heating elements warm the floor, if one element of a warm floor fails, the other heating elements will be an additional burden and will work to limit, not system. Only with the smart home system can be guaranteed to exhibit room temperature, the influence of all the exciting factors on the system monitored and analyzed by the cpu. Yes it is a central processor and it would be unwise to argue with any of more opportunities, it just works on the contacts on and off or controlled by the controller. The advantages of underfloor heating in the smart home is undeniable, they can lead to whole pages. Talking about the lack of consoles, but you can and mention. How many remotes in our house? From tv, from music systems, on the second tv, so even on a warm floor, is the number of consoles itself confuses the owner, plus they always lost.

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