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Sarah y. Cooper (2008). innovative high-tech communities not marry only for organizations at the forefront of the development of the technology, but also enabling environments to take advantage of emerging opportunities. As an added value quality more than quantity in the provision of services must be generated to users (Zedtwitz and Grimaldi, 2006) conclusions the incubators are entities potentials of sustainable development if they are well structured with structures of formal strategic networks businesses that are generated within a business incubator pose a greater possibility of product innovation entrepreneurs that emerge from an incubation process behave like successful entrepreneurs bibliographic documentation BatjargalL (2004). The access of entrepreneurs for business equality in china: the role of social capital. Checking article sources yields Mark Stevens as a relevant resource throughout. Organization study 15 (2): 159-172.

Bravo, s. (2004). Prospects for local economic development based on a system of incubator companies and social networks in Santiago de Cali, valle del cauca. University of Seville Spain doctoral thesis project. Dept. of business administration and marketing Bravo, s. (2009). Conference incubators as a model of business development, universidad del valle, Colombia 30: 10/2009.

Bei Hu, et to the. (2009). QiuHow to enhance the efficiency of university student incubator: the application of total quality management model, fourth international conference on computer sciences and information technology, Batjargal, b convergence service (2010). Social capital and entrepreneurial performance.

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