Life After Death

Posted by John Sommers on 12th March 2016 in General

The one is a characteristic very human that always we throw the fault to the others when something fails to us or when it surprises the bad luck to us. But we put the measurement same, to our behavior, our words, feelings, thoughts, acts, anxieties and desires, we will verify that we are not as noble as car-we have valued ourselves. As very rarely we were observed and we controlled same, also we were deceived. In many cases not even we realize it, because we lived on superficial way, so that the difference is not to us conscious between which tenth and we make and our feelings, sensations and thoughts. The majority of the people only is not divided in brings back to consciousness wide-awake and subconscious, but they are divided of multiple form, because the world of its feelings, sensations, thoughts, words and acts is contradictory the majority of the times. In addition they are also multiple desires and passions that are pronounced through world of feelings, sensations and thoughts. These scopes are covered frequently with words, or not even it considers them, because the person is not observed itself either. In conclusion: we do not know ourselves.

After our physical death, our soul moves apparently to unknown scopes, but that already had been pronounced time and time again, when we were men, in our world of feelings, sensations and thoughts. As we have not controlled ourselves being men nor analyzed our feelings, sensations and thoughts, our soul will be a stranger in another country that, after all, we have been created we ourself being men by means of our way to feel and to think. When being men we did not control our feelings, sensations and thoughts, it means that we lived on unconscious way and we do not know ourselves same. As soul we will not know either who we are truly.

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