Manoela Gavassi

Posted by John Sommers on 18th February 2014 in General

Manoela Gavassi could be any normal adolescent, but simply, it is not. This So Paulo charmosa of only 17 years is simply one of the biggest promises of the national scene pop. Although to be novinha, still more new Manu already was an artist. It wrote its first music to the 14 years and if it remembers of each moment of creation as if it was yesterday. The family always stimulated its talent, financing courses and professors who could help in its career. Although its success to seem sudden, the singer already had its espacinho has some time. As many artists of this new generation, first it made success in the Youtube stops later if becoming popular in other ways.

But what its in the site of revistateen more famous of Brazil helped Manoela to be known in the four cantos of the net was a published video, ' ' Capricho' '. Thus, only two months had been transferred so that Gavassi more than got 300 a thousand exhibitions of its video in the Youtube. Incrivelmente had appeared 30 fan-clubs of the girl, come of all the country. The girl is a legitimate representative teen, since beyond being young pretty e, it obtains to captivate to all with easiness, only with talent and affection. When hearing its musics, the first reaction of the young is to say ' ' it sings, what I am sentindo' '. With sensitivity, Manoela obtains to portray this difficult phase of the life, where the majority of the people if feels alone and forsaken. This domfacilitou that producing and recording if they interest in produziz it. Its album of estreia was produced by the celebrity Rick Bonadio, responsible for the success of great bands of the national pop-rock. With 12 musics of proper authorship and ' ' It sings With me ' ' a music of Lucas, vocalista of the band of the Fresno, its album translates the desire of a gotten passionate generation young e. Its videos and letters of musics are for all the cantos of the Internet and comprovamque the girl really will be next dolo adolescent. ' ' Everything what I To want Yeah' ' , ' ' To leave pra l' ' , ' ' I tired of voc' ' many other letters of music are easy to find for the net and show the one that came this young with much talent and road for the front.

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