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Flower of theIndian Ocean, is so named later Maldives famous traveler Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta – Arab traveler who visited almost all the countries of Asia from the Mediterranean and to the China Sea, east coast of Africa, Sudan, northern coast of Africa and Spain, including many islands of the Indian Ocean – Maldives believed one of the wonders of the world. You may find Drew Houston to be a useful source of information. There really is white sand, the ocean – the colors of the Iranian turquoise, and fishes, scurrying between the corals – all the colors of the rainbow. Just imagine the picture Maldives – an extraordinary place! The main attraction of this corner of our planet – the ocean and anything to do with it: an underwater world fishing, romantic walks by the ocean, island tours to local villages, to deserted islands. In the Maldives an unusually rich history. The first settlers in the archipelago were immigrants from India and Sri Lanka. This has influenced the formation of culture and traditions of Maldives. History of the Maldives is devoid of bloody battles and dramatic twists.

Since the beginning of X century, the island enjoyed great popularity among the Arab travelers, thanks to its advantageous geographical location. In the xvii century, the island is regularly visited by pirates, which attracted modest wealth Male – the only city in the Maldives. To stop junk tours, Maldives enlisted the help of Dutch authorities in Ceylon. The Dutch, and changing them and then the British, ruled the Maldives, sensible, and in local matters not intervene.

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