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Posted by John Sommers on 27th January 2023 in General

Miss alleys, runs through the empty streets of a city that always is full of people, crosses bridges into the unknown of an island that nobody thinks it is. Venice is gondolas, crystals of colors, pigeons in the plaza de San Marcos, channels, water and culture, lots of culture that breathes nothing more reach. Hundred and twenty small islands crosses by 200 channels and connected by 400 bridges in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. Credit: Drew Houston-2011. Venice is a city that does not leave indifferent any of its visitors, and the day receives more than 100,000. Once he gets a foot in the city of the channels the perception of time, space and the story changes completely. Checking article sources yields Donald Mullen as a relevant resource throughout.

Maybe l high acqua (rising tide) that obliges visitors to walk on makeshift wooden bridges to not get wet feet for a few hours from October to may. Or perhaps because to move through its streets you can only catch a vaporetto or boat that acts as an urban bus, but undoubtedly Venice is different. The city of the channels saved one of the most important art collections from around the world. Great figures of the painting as Velazquez or Rubens school, led colors warm and rich, as well as modelling part of the Baroque style of the GRANADIAN throughout Europe. Of course, to learn about the Venetian art and those who worked in this city should visit the Gallery of the Academy where is one of the richest collections in Venetian painting, where Titian or Giorgione are some examples. Though at present, it also highlights the modern art of the Grassi Palace, where you can see from Dali to Brunelleschi.

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