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Posted by John Sommers on 27th May 2019 in General

One of the problems that can be found in the vast majority of the website is that they contain a lot of images, appets of javacripts or flash files and multimedia sound is almost a presentation as the TV channels, and announce experts that this type of designs websites do not meet so that the major search engines can index your pages, i.e. the search engines must find text so that these pages can be located by means of search robots, if you are thinking of designing a site webs that have a large amount of images and graphic designs that after some time you can make money with it think that it is not the best choice for you. On the other hand if you are thinking of designing a site and download it to the webs and have all content that is already distributed you have the model and only images that are not many and also some videos I recommend that the best way for videos is that you lower it first to youtube so that it doesn’t occupy much space on your website. Is vital importance that you begin to optimize your site before you begin with the promotion and the campaign through some of the major search engines such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Marketing or some other, we know the great importance that this method influences when it comes to getting a good position in search engines. Optimization of a Web site is a synonym of distribute textual content so search bots find it relevant to a keyword or phrase and finish by placing you in the top position in search, then your Web site is found at the top of search when a user perform a search with a keyword related to your businessat that point in your career you will have a long way cattle, it is a simple and easy way but it can happen that in certain situations we may find it tedious or unimportant, but some requirements indispensable when it comes to our publication of our Web sites. .

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