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Posted by John Sommers on 25th February 2021 in General

As well as in the scientific research and scientific theories the scientific problems are answers, of the same one form, analogicalally, in the philosophical research the philosophical theories are attempts of solution of the philosophical problems. The philosophical problems, therefore, exist, are inevitable and irrepressible; they involve each particular man who does not resign to think: The majority of these problems does not leave in peace: God exists, or would exist only we, lost in this immense universe? World and one cosmo or a chaos? History human being has felt? if has, which is? Or, then, everything – the glory and the misery, the great conquests and the innocent sufferings, victims and carnfices? everything finishes in the nonsense, unprovided of any direction? the man: he is free and responsible or and a simple ones I break up insignificant of the universe, determined in its action for rigid natural laws? Science can in giving certezas to them? What it is really? Which are the relations between scientific reason and religious faith? When we can say that a democratic State and? which are the beddings of democracy? It is possible to more get a rational justification of the raised values? when and that we are rational? Here it is, therefore, some of the philosophical problems of deep, that the choices and to the destination of all man say respect, and with which if they had ventured the minds highest of the humanity, leaving us as inheritance a true patrimony of ideas, that constitutes the identity and the great wealth of the Ocidente. The history of the philosophy and the history of the philosophical problems, the philosophical theories and the philosophical arguments. It is the history of the disputes between philosophers and the errors of the philosophers. It is always the history of new attempts to turn on inevitable questions, in the hope to know always better in the same ones and to find less fragile orientaes for our life and motivations for our choices. Swarmed by offers, Kaihan Krippendorff is currently assessing future choices.

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