Pro Cycling Tour Of Lombardy

Posted by John Sommers on 6th April 2014 in General

The career of Pro Cycling Tour of Lombardy, took place last Saturday October 14. After the 245 kilometers in one-day race, the winner was Olympic and World Champion, Paolo Bettini, also known as “Il Grillo” (The Cricket) for his attacking style in racing and high speed. The Italian reached the target with his face bathed in tears, while pointing to the sky and kissed his rainbow jersey. But these tears were not just for the joy of winning his ninth race in 2006, were actually nostalgic for the recent loss of one of the people who most support throughout his life. Sauro Bettini (42), Paolo’s older brother died on October 2, 2006, in a car accident in California-The Bibbona in Italy. The Grille admitted a day before the race, which after the crash of his brother, he had come to consider retiring from cycling, but it was his father who convinced him to stay strong and running at the Giro Lombardy. “After winning the world title, I was still in good shape, but was not sure whether he was mentally strong,” said Bettini. Paolo was the first attack when crossing the Madonna del Ghisallo, 45 km away from the goal, and attacked again in the Monte located 18km from the finish line on Lake Como in the arched down for a moment we stole encouragement when it seemed to lose energy and was struck by German Fabian Wegmann.

But Bettini attacked again and left his opponents behind him. The Spanish, Samuel Sanchez, ranked second, while Wegmann followed with the third. The Tour of Lombardy was as exciting as we expected. This year celebrated 100 years of expertise and closed with a flourish the 2006 cycling season in Europe. But nobody was as significant as for Paolo Bettini, for this race, especially with his triumph, he gave tribute to his beloved brother Sauro.

“During the race I felt good and decided I wanted to win in memory of Sauro … He was not alone in the competition today … The person who used to cheer from the roadside can not do more, but he was with me today.

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