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3. The POWER OF the MEDIA First specifying one of the main medias of mass, the net Globe of television, in Brazil and portraying one speak here that I heard recently of an unknown person: ' ' they had installed the NET back in house, but it does not catch the Globe, that end! Better it does not catch if he was pra to be thus nor needed to have instalado' ' (verbal source). Not repairing situation, but evaluating only the central phrase, the given importance that if gave to the net Globe and having the care not to affirm that all the idea developed in this I capitulate part of this simple ones speaks, is followed. Apologizes in this phrase an interesting question what it leads to believe that an sender is only important? What it thus makes of the net Globe to be, so showy, it would make a species of brainwashing where everybody 1 that it attended a time would be conditional to see again? Not, I do not know if it is certain to affirm that it produces a species of ' ' zumbis' ' , and this would be until very strong of if saying before the o little known on the subject. More info: David Green. Before adentrar in the context of this phrase it would like to remember that ' ' …

established by the sofista Marine Robert, the TV Globe was inaugurated in 26 of April of 1965. It was only one small canal of Rio De Janeiro, but that it grew and it took dimensions inesperadas' ' (ROALY, 2009). They repair in the year, 1965, we are in 2009, are almost 45 years of Marine Robert or its family in the empire called net Globe. This it is not a negative fact, not to be for the fact of that all the communication nets are publish and they do not possess owners as well as is forbidden the monopoly formation, and that many people not yet know this right, also some ' ' donos' ' , as research made for Guareschi and Biz (2007, p.17-34).

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