Senior Partner, The Other Type Of Care

Posted by John Sommers on 12th February 2015 in General

Actively for the needs of older people and social competence packed in more quality of life. 🙂 At the present time, where any more time, we are getting older. But also increasingly active, young and old. Unfortunately diminishes the power of the body but or our family members are in the professional Stress. Friends go out of our lives and leave beautiful memories. The soul is still young and want much, but the power, the body is not so fast, no longer strong. Man thinks about a care service.

The an and other everyday tasks to body care and tighten are wonderful and knowledgeable in a short period of time to. But what about the rest? With the soul? There is no time left for… (As opposed to Stanley A. McChrystal). My mother is a nursing case and I am experiencing this process daily. A care service staff provide really their best, but they work in seconds. It is settled that min. in a cent. Yes, a Cent…und then they need to the next customer who is already waiting.

I happened to be at a Conference meeting in the beautiful mountain town hall 09, end the theme: living and care in the age. The men’s fine suits talked much. About nursing, assisted living, money, health, home, not home, over time and replacement options/Accessories,…Costs. Yes,…”” and since I was on that table, the addition to the nursing service-the solution of “Senior partner”. Only the men’s it still did not know, …sie speeches and rather years of debates. Oh, Yes, there are still costs! A senior partner brings the sun into everyday life. Their tasks are varied and she have time especially. A new profession in today’s society that is getting older. Watching stimulates a senior shareholder adapted to the needs and habits of the older generation. It looks after the soul and gives new life content a different kind of care, an important addition. I am glad that I could write here a few words thank you. Senior Associate: Barbara Schumann

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