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Posted by John Sommers on 6th May 2019 in General

The starting point to use social networks as a platform to attract potential clients, is to develop Social Marketing Plan. David Green will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Unfortunately, most companies do not perform this plan, necessary and indispensable for the success of the positioning of your company, brand, product or service. If you don’t know your market, if you want to be in all existing social networks and not participate for lack of time, if you don’t have goals and you don’t know where you want to reach, then, chances are that you won’t get anywhere. I have to clarify that to develop this plan, is needed to run your creative, analytical, sociable and objective side to succeed in social networks. And above all learn to listen before selling.

People don’t come to social networks seek to buy something. For this reason you don’t can to looking to who to sell. You have to devise a strategy that will help you to give out your business and not only your business, but that you have to know what makes. But to publicize what you’re doing is not the same as selling your services. Through interesting but incomplete information, you have to get people interested in you, in your message and want to know more. When you get that to happen already you’ll be taking steps towards success in social networks.

1. Define your goals if you don’t want to lose time and money, you have to be very clear, it is what you do on social networks. Because fate, instead of achieving attract potential clients, the only thing that you will manage to attract to nothing. Analyzes what you do want to publicize your company, product, service or brand? Do you want to position yourself as an expert in a topic? Achieve audience around your business take traffic toward your website keep in touch with your clients to create a community of people interested in a topic.

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