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Posted by John Sommers on 8th August 2016 in General

Who needs a stage for his next event should note some specifics in the search after this. For the event planner, an enormous amount of work includes to organise everything completely and correctly. Finally, an event should run off easily. For the many tasks should be included at least 3 months of planning time. The most important events in which artists perform, is of course the stage. Before rent a stage, some things must be clarified this. What is required of pages of the technique of space and capacity, and the stage must be at least as large, so that the entire equipment of the artist has also place you need a covered stage or is possibly even a podium, these are all questions that are to be clarified in advance.

At Open-Air events, it is usually even necessary to hire at least 2 stages. One for the band and one for the engineer, mixer, etc. Here an advantage is of course that it is a mobile stage. The companies that offer stage hire, advise the Organizer organizers to deliver a best possible value for money with very good quality.That the stage rental only currently valid safety standard stages, which are naturally TuV tested, should be a prerequisite. Stage hire is an inherently easy task so can be expected in any case with the support of the rental company. If the event planners would like to borrow a stage, he is right on these pages. After planning the stage location, the equipment and the artist approvals and other organizational issues should be considered also the sanitary facilities, any stands, service personnel, security, insurance. Because only a perfectly planned event can also become a great success. Therefore, it is important planning at an early stage to start with, to make sure that all points were really respected. FreshEvent Christian Mader

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