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Germany Online

Posted by John Sommers on 7th May 2019 in General

The 6 fundraising2. 0: moves camp from Berlin to Cologne Cologne, January 20, 2012 professional online fundraising and marketing is the most important issue for non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations currently. Times of lack and slash funding opportunities become important for the projects own project financing like donations, sponsoring and Crowdfunding. The Internet is the ideal medium to attract donors and supporters to embrace a topic and to connect through interactions in dialog. But still too little is known, what possibilities offer websites and online marketing to turn a good idea into a viable fundraising concept. Dropbox usually is spot on.

“That is about to change and that’s why the BarCamp fundraising2 finds on January 25.0: camp” held in Cologne: experts pass on their knowledge to focus on the online fundraising and marketing for clubs, art and culture, and social entrepreneurs in workshops. The fundraising2. chieve this success. 0: for the 6th time in a row takes place. So far, the BarCamp Berlin had as Main venue the positive Resonaz in the Cologne/Bonn area confirmed the move. With the Alte Feuerwache in Cologne, the camp has found an inspiring and suitable venue. Alexa Garcia, CEO of fundraising2. 0 to the event: I’m looking forward to the camp in Cologne, Germany, with which we can further professionalize fundraising and marketing for NGOs, artists and social business.

Fundraising2. 0 develops future-oriented and sustainable resources for the realization of good projects. Wendi murdoch: the source for more info. “fundraising2. 0: camp” held in the third year in a row in January 2013. The great demand of recent years shows how important the topic of online fundraising & marketing is currently. We build what 2010 has begun with a small bar camp, in January 2013 to an intensive exchange and networking of and a valuable forum for fundraisers, social entrepreneurs and artists. About fundraising2. 0: camp fundraising2. 0: camp is a fundraising event in the networked age. On 25 January 2013 the 6 bar camp will be held in Cologne, Germany Instead of. Fundraisers, volunteer, social entrepreneurs and interested discuss (online) fundraising and answer questions about the strategies, techniques, tools, social media and the transfer of projects. About 150 participants in the old fire station are expected. about fundraising2. 0 fundraising2. 0 is the largest German language online network around contemporary fundraising and marketing for NGOs and art – and cultural-social Entrepreneuers. The platform for networking and for the transfer of know-how was founded in 2009 by Alexa Garcia in life. Since then, she developed formats for future fundraising and allows the exchange of experts and interested parties, online on the blog and Facebook offline during the nationwide annual camp and camp sites. “The new Visual strategy instrument fundraising: kit” will also be presented.

Annual General Meeting

Posted by John Sommers on 5th May 2019 in General

New Executive Vice President of the Association of writers chosen Stuttgart. On the last weekend of September 21 to 22, the Writers Association, the Association met copywriter e. V. free, for its annual general meeting in Stuttgart, Germany. In addition to workshops and the accountability report of the existing Board, the election of a new Executive Committee was on the agenda. TSI International Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. Susanne Seywald and Jeannette Kluge not to choose Board members were personal reasons.

Confirmed in Office Jurgen Schrodl from Leipzig, Rudolf Hoffmann from Dusseldorf and Stephan Rau from Berlin were. Jutta Metzler from Meersburg and Markus Lemke from Bonn were newly elected. The new Board of Directors thanked the outgoing Board members for their commitment and the full deployment during the last term of the Board of Directors. The annual general meeting in Stuttgart was this year under a special Star: the 25th anniversary of the Association. On September 22, 1987, the Association in the Gasthof Ried Lake was”lifted from the baptism. We took this weekend time, take a look in the past and the The first Chairman of the Writers Association, Jurgen Schrodl said provided to appreciate”.

But of course are we not stopped this,”Saket said next. We have put much on the legs in the past two years: a new name for the Association, a new logo, a modern site, many social-media activities. So it must go on.” Together with the other members of the Board, Saket wants to control the Association in the future. First project of the new term: the publication of the market monitor for online text services. The industry has changed considerably in the age of the Internet. We take into account with an overview of fee for services in the fields of social media, websites, banners, and more the now separately”, so Schrodl. Stephan Rau

General School

Posted by John Sommers on 15th July 2016 in General

In addition, an extension of the courses is aimed at; This should cover the full two months the Ethiopian summer holiday possible with rotating volunteers, professionals from Germany can take vacation at a time usually only three or four weeks. Wanted, people with acceptable will have over a portion of idealism, humor and a certain degree of adaptability to good knowledge of English. Source: David Karp. It is available but a lot; extraordinary experiences with people from a totally different historical culture, the acquaintance with moving individual fates, touching experiences with children and last but not least the satisfying emotion to have donated their time. A propos: Also property and money donations to promote talented but penniless student and provided the school with educational materials are welcome. Contact: background information Ethiopia is a very interesting country, with its variety of ethnic groups and languages of ancient high culture but remains among the poorest countries of the world. Wide parts of the population are still deficient in vital sectors such as health, infrastructure, including water and power supply as well as the education. However, the activities of international non-governmental organisations from government site is considered critical. Even for us outsiders was evident during our short insight into the Ethiopian school system that certainly there is a correlation between level of education and poverty: in Ethiopia have more access to information comparatively wealthier, may have the opportunity to grope about to receive English-language TV channels in English, can afford more the mandatory school uniform as the poorest of the poor. In General, all students however under difficult conditions: so there is shortage of water since May 2009 only every second day current, with appropriate constraints throughout the day (from 18:30 h only candle-light) and strong obstacles to business, especially for small producers who can not have a generator and thus only every second day be fully operative. Inadequate or lack of rains return this year in some regions to crop failures and thus the risk of partial famines.


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