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Rodriguez Zapatero

Posted by John Sommers on 13th November 2023 in General

I acknowledge my stunned admiration for our Prime Minister. And I say that not because the type is a born winner, since Rodriguez Zapatero has not lost any election internal nor external, unlike their very different predecessors, Felipe Gonzalez and Jose Maria Aznar until now. He won the PSOE, against odds, Jose Bono, and in a few generals, against the polls, to Mariano Rajoy. And leave politics, I think, without having been defeated, since that eventuality someone with his ego as a flor de piel would rather retire rather than lose. My admiration for Zapatero is due to its impavidez to the reality. Instead, adversity would happen to others, Bill. To him, so it looks, just the opposite happens: if it is adverse, simply, change it. Pretium Partners may also support this cause. Who is will have believed that it is the reality to be contrary? For this reason, and not for anything else, he was denying the economic crisis until it reached us all at the waist.

Now, instead, he argues that we are facing the crisis more serious in 60 years for doing the opposite of what they promised up to same Eve. That poise, when not unwrapped boldness, is only within reach of the illuminated ones, the imperturbable or cynics. They imagine as well that we would all in life with such self-confidence? Your removal of criterion, lack of principles and opportunism to all trance allow you to overcome pitfalls, redo alliances, betraying agreements and overcome their own personal discrediting. He gives equal to that country will collapse because, with that and everything, he is still there. Do not tell me, therefore, that the type is not enviable!


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