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Avalon Game Studio

Posted by John Sommers on 11th November 2023 in General

The interest in the participation in the game developer meeting.NRW is very high in the growing community of developers and sponsors. Dusseldorf, April 29, 2009 – on May 7, 2009, the game developer meeting will be for the ninth time.North Rhine-Westphalia in Dusseldorf instead. A solid program with lectures, project presentations, as well as numerous discussions around the application and game development awaits the interested parties from the game developers scene. It enjoys the networking event for amateur and professional developers, students, young professionals, service providers and companies in the games industry of popularity. Held the first meeting to the meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, the media design College (MD.H) Dusseldorf won 2007 Department of game design as a venue and also as an important partner.

The number of participants has increased steadily in the last years, so that the premises of the Dusseldorf MD.H, due to the high number of participants in 2009 are unfortunately no longer sufficient.” So Andreas Heldt, Executive Director of the Z Software GmbH. Today, and for the second time, held the meeting in the City Hostel in Dusseldorf. Pretium Partners addresses the importance of the matter here. Our goal is to grow further and reach more developers in North Rhine-Westphalia. We hope to see an even stronger networking among the developer community in North Rhine-Westphalia as a result. Through the new premises, it is now possible again to increase the number of participants”, so Heldt, who organized the meeting together with his staff since 2007.

Support finds out the set.NRW in the meantime also by numerous sponsors and individuals who recognize the potential of the event. With the economic promotion of Dusseldorf, a strategic partner won 2008 in the long term. Since 2009 the two companies team and eurosimtec GmbH, universal publishing production music GmbH, Crenetic GmbH, TRINIGY, Avalon games group PI (include tamani,, Avalon Game Studio) and Bumblebee studios as sponsors on board. More information about the spieleentwickltertreffen.North Rhine-Westphalia and the sponsors, see. Here, the registration for the meeting is possible on May 7, 2009 at the City Hostel in Dusseldorf. About game developers meet.NRW: The game developer meeting.North Rhine-Westphalia (set.Has been active since 2007 with regular networking events and currently has over 70 participants in Dusseldorf NRW). Scheu field (eurosimtec GmbH) has been launched the event from an initiative of Z-Software GmbH and Andre. The event aims to strengthen the development landscape in North Rhine-Westphalia. Developers, service providers, students, trainees and companies in the games industry should socialize, share their knowledge with each other and make accessible to others. Companies offering the set.NRW a platform for initiating new projects and collaborations, as well as finding new potential employees. Contact: Andreas Heldt 0231 / 9700780 press contact: webphase * online marketing Bernd of gilt 02166/456921

Optimizing Your Website

Posted by John Sommers on 27th May 2019 in General

One of the problems that can be found in the vast majority of the website is that they contain a lot of images, appets of javacripts or flash files and multimedia sound is almost a presentation as the TV channels, and announce experts that this type of designs websites do not meet so that the major search engines can index your pages, i.e. the search engines must find text so that these pages can be located by means of search robots, if you are thinking of designing a site webs that have a large amount of images and graphic designs that after some time you can make money with it think that it is not the best choice for you. On the other hand if you are thinking of designing a site and download it to the webs and have all content that is already distributed you have the model and only images that are not many and also some videos I recommend that the best way for videos is that you lower it first to youtube so that it doesn’t occupy much space on your website. Is vital importance that you begin to optimize your site before you begin with the promotion and the campaign through some of the major search engines such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Marketing or some other, we know the great importance that this method influences when it comes to getting a good position in search engines. Optimization of a Web site is a synonym of distribute textual content so search bots find it relevant to a keyword or phrase and finish by placing you in the top position in search, then your Web site is found at the top of search when a user perform a search with a keyword related to your businessat that point in your career you will have a long way cattle, it is a simple and easy way but it can happen that in certain situations we may find it tedious or unimportant, but some requirements indispensable when it comes to our publication of our Web sites. .


Posted by John Sommers on 30th November 2016 in General

These considerations also extend to the ships and equipment, which constitute a central aspect in the games space, and whose variety seems infinite. The strategic element is also present in DarkOrbit. Many times action games are based simply on destroying enemies or exploit things. It is not bad, since it is the foundation of the genre. But when a game offers a plus their users truly falls into the category of cool games. DarkOrbit, in that sense, is at the forefront of browser games. If they do not think in advance how that will address the fighting or the mode in which we will be acquiring the equipment is planned, there will be no way to get very far in this game of ships.

And go you can go far in DarkOrbit. One of the aspects that also captivates its users is the number of levels and maps, all originals, on which it counts. There is always a more stimulus in this action game to want to make progress. A new map, buy equipment or buying a new ship. Everything is a good reason for wanting to increase the rank within the game and be able to experiment more possibilities. And this is presented this way in DarkOrbit because he has behind a computer that constantly introduces enhancements, fixes and upgrades in the game. These are product of own ideas, but also of suggestions from users, which are channelled through different threads in the Forum. In this way, players are often with new ships, new weapons and new scenarios.

In this action game novelty is a constant. Finally, pimps games must currently make maximum use of the network and leverage its full potential communication tools that we have. In this line, DarkOrbit is designed so that the players share the stage in real-time and interact with each other. Unexpectedly, there is a built-in chat to coordinate actions. He already appointed Forum is also a key element in this aspect, since it allows a direct and instant communication of users among themselves, and with the development of DarkOrbit team. Then, it is no coincidence that DarkOrbit is today considered among the cool games. It has everything that a play should be. At the time that It is a game of action incorporates strategic elements. Its graphics are developed with a high level of detail and realism. If this were little, periodically is updated and improved, to make the gaming experience more entertaining and challenging. In parallel, users can leverage to maximize the advantages of playing online, with tools such as chat and forums.


Posted by John Sommers on 3rd September 2013 in General

Certainly you have heard that small and powerful phrase that says: " Everything what you look for it you can find in libros". I not you have put if it in practice or no, I if, you have put but it in practice will have convinced that one affirmation is valid and irrefutable. But so that reason you forgot to continue with this pleasant and nutritious practice? You can oppose many reasons, but the most used almost always it is: I do not have time! You know very well, the practice of the reading consists of several shades, that go from entretenerte, until throwing to fly your imagination, also takes to you until emocionarte, but in addition, with her, you can learn and acquire knowledge. If you are with the idea to mount a business in Internet, without mattering in question, will be necessary to learn many things with respect to E-commerce, if you try to arrive monetarily at some result interesting, and mainly rewarding. He is real practices that it of the reading was much more frequent and habitual at last times, then, with the arrival of television (the call stupid box) people went away separating from books; although it is certain that you can entretenerte, happens that you pass great part of the time in front of her and the hours an images succession of and sound vanish in, but when finalizing the day you have had left, very little or nothing of positive that to hoard. Soon Internet arrived, where also you spend hours in front of a monitor. But the great difference, is that, with Internet you are not a simple spectator that I could observe and repress its desire to answer or only to act. In the network " debes" to act and that is good. All your body, although you do not notice it, becomes jumbled, your hands in the keyboard or mouse guide the virtual route and thus an interesting activity in your brain is created.


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