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Electoral College

Posted by John Sommers on 13th March 2017 in General

Each State chooses its commission agents. I number it of commission agents is proportional I number to it of inhabitants of each State. The more inhabitants, more delegated will choose to the College and greater to be able of decision in the hour to define the election. Each State has at least of three thin ones in the Electoral College. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David Green has to say. Being equal I number to them of representatives in the Chamber and the Senate. 4.A election the voter receives the ballot in its residence with some days from antecedence and in the day ' ' D' ' it deposits its vote in the ballot box in a specific place. Who organizes the electoral zones is the members of the proper party. After the election, if none of the candidates to get 51% more than or the votes of the college (270 or + of the 538 votes), the decision how much to the president the House of representatives will fit that will choose one amongst three more voted and to the Senate will fit chooses the Vice one amongst two more voted. Some States, for having proper legislation, use the system ' ' representative nico' ' , that is, the candidate who to gain the biggest number of popular votes always takes all the commission agents of this State and nor wins the election who has more popular votes. Former: Al democrat Gore had more popular votes of what the republican George W. Bush, but finished losing the election in 2004.

Universal Declaration

Posted by John Sommers on 3rd March 2017 in General

The History of the human right Humanos.Os Rights is the basic rights and freedoms of all the human beings. Normally the concept of human rights has the idea also of expression and thought freedom, and the equal protection of law. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man of the Organization of United Nations affirms: All the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Endowed with reason and conscience, ones must act stops with the others in fraternity spirit. The idea of human rights has origin in the philosophical concept of natural laws that would be attributed by 2 Gods ; some support that it would not have no difference between the human rights and the natural laws and see in the distinct nomenclature labels for one same idea.

Others argue to be necessary to keep separate terms to eliminate the association with characteristics normally related with the natural laws. 3, being John Locke perhaps the most important philosopher to develop this theory 4. One exists important debate on the cultural origin of the human rights. Generally if it considers that they have its root in the culture modern occidental person, but exist the least more two main positions. Some affirm that all the cultures possess vises of dignity that if are a form of human rights, and make reference the announcements as the Letter of Mandn, of 1222, fundacional declaration of the Empire of Mal. Not obstante, nor in Japanese nor in classic snscrito, for example, the right term existed until contacts with the culture had been produced occidental person, since these cultures had traditionally placed one weight in the duties. They also exist who conside that the Ocidente did not create the idea nor the concept of the human rights, despite if a concrete way systemize them, a gradual quarrel and the project of a human legal philosophy.

Public Administration

Posted by John Sommers on 1st May 2016 in General

However, the public politics did not pass of a field of knowledge of ability of the governments to be placed in action, to produce resulted or changes in the real world (Souza, 2003, p.69). No longer Brazil, studies on public politics had been carried through only recently, giving to emphasis to the structures or institutions and also to the negotiation of the sectorial politics. III – PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND the PARTICIPATION SPACES the new status acquired for the participation in the field of the public administration, corresponds to a very bigger phenomenon that the proper change politics, ideological theoretician or; but over all, the capitalist expansion. In this direction, the decline of the Welfare State played a role importantssimo in the agenda of the participation of different groups in the decision process and implementation of public politics in the area social. In the track of the bankruptcy of the State of Social welfare, new forms of popular participation had been appearing in search of the democratization and magnifying of the democratic public spaces. each time more, the participation comes if becoming object of analysis of literature on Management and Public Administration. However, while certain degree of esvaziamento is observed and weakness in them you complain of the social movements data not the rivalizante polarization between State detainer in the badness and Civil Society, polar region of the virtue; new forms of social political joint had started to fulgurar in the scope of the public administration.

In this direction, they are the Managing Advice of Public Politics and proper Oramento Participativo (OP). They had inaugurated, so to speak, a new context of relationship between State (municipal government) and Civil Society. Context this, pautado in a process of bigger approach, greater dialogue and participation of the actors of the Civil Society next to spaces of decisions until then, proper of the State.


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