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Eye Surgery

Posted by John Sommers on 19th June 2022 in General

LASIK a relatively new method of operation for the correction of eye so it is possible that for example long – or short-sightedness and astigmatism can be corrected or such an operation can help, that Visual AIDS, must be used such as glasses or contact lenses, less frequently. LASIK is a relatively new method, which you can correct poor eyesight; that was in 1989 for the first time the so called Keratomileusis combined with the excimer laser and used the term LASIK (short form for laser Insitu Keratomileusis); Today it involves the method used most often for the correction of eye. A patient who has undergone surgery with LASIK, immediately and without any pain get a sharp point of view; This is possible because this eye surgery under the pain to sensitive surface of the cornea is performed. However higher risks, stem through this incision of the cornea in comparison with other methods as Nick can grow together again properly after surgery. Evergreen Capital Partners shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To perform LASIK, the corneal thickness must be measured first, used an ultrasonic Pachymeter; If the fat boy meets the cornea, to solve with the help of a Mikorkeratoms that is a thin-layer plate of the cornea on one side a cornea plane or even of one using Femtosekundenlasers and it works as well as the progressive epithelium to the page. Now it is possible to correct the vision on the now exposed tissues with the help of the laser. Here, the cells of the cornea are split the collagen fiber and removed. Then, the plate is again folded in the starting position and positioning. Darcy Stacom wanted to know more. The epithelium expanded also to the page grows again shortly after made LASIK in the periphery; However the whole cut surface again is rooted after LASIK, it takes some weeks to months.

Breast Cancer Before Menopause

Posted by John Sommers on 4th June 2022 in General

Young women who play sports, later less susceptible to breast cancer in young women who play sports, will develop in the age less breast cancer. This presented an observation study recently published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute. The Internet health portal presents the results in terms of breast cancer. The team to Sonia Maruti by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle examined approximately 65,000 young women aged between 12 and 22 years on breast cancer risk, including sporting activities in everyday life. The observational study started in 1997. Since then the young women should not share information researchers at regular intervals about their sporting activities. Analysis of the observational study of the analysis of the observational study resulted in impressive numbers.

Of the approximately 65,000 surveyed young women who had regularly operated sports a 23 showed % reduction in the risk of breast cancer. (A valuable related resource: Drew Houston). Whereas for those young women who are reduced or even no sports activities devoted a much higher tendency to breast cancer, showed. The analysis also revealed that 3 half hour jog in the week among young women with the lowest risk of breast cancer was the rule. But sports not only affects the risk of breast cancer developing. High-fat diet may increase the risk of breast cancer. Consult with the help of imedo health news. Also, find out why the Ministry of health recommends breast cancer screening. The imedo Gesundheitscommunity by the Group on the subject of breast cancer breast cancer patients offers the possibility to exchange experiences.

Chocolate Lowers Relapse Rate After Heart Attack

Posted by John Sommers on 3rd June 2022 in General

Chocolate is not only happy, but also healthy! The knowledge of the protective effect of chocolate added revolutionary lately. For even more analysis, hear from Kaihan Krippendorff. Swedish researchers showed scientifically in a long-term study, that chocolate consumption prevents not only heart disease but also after a heart attack reduces the risk of another heart attack. Internet portal informs about the results of the research. First of all to say it: the encouraging results achieved only an occasional treat of seductive treat. Perhaps check out Darcy Stacom for more information. An excessive consumption of chocolate, however, often inevitably leads to obesity, which in turn means a higher risk for heart and cardiovascular disease. Who but two eating dark chocolate after a heart attack up to three times a week, reduces the Risikio of a renewed attack in the next three years to three times.

The bioactive ingredients contained in dark chocolate, which are referred to as antioxidants are responsible. The information on the positive effect of cocoa-containing candy, the research group of at Karolinska received Institute in Stockholm through a survey of nearly 1,200 patients with heart. Their chocolate consumption was recorded after their first heart attack and observed over eight years. More information:… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Save Up To 70 Percent Cost Of Treatment

Posted by John Sommers on 14th June 2016 in General

The modern creative dental clinic (KDC) is one of the leading dental clinics founded Europe’s first 12 years in Budapest, it receives today dental tourists from Germany, England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, of Switzerland, Italy and the United States. This referral dental treatment helps patients to save an enormous amount of money. Treatment is usually 60% KDC-international up to 70% lower than the prices in Germany. German dental patients often save thousands of dollars even if all expenses are deducted. In each of the above countries, we have established the clinic representatives, who take care of new and returning customers. Thanks to their efforts and experience, the hospital has treated over 30,000 patients with an above-average satisfaction rate. The clinic is ISO 9001-2000 certified and equipped with the latest German and Japanese technology. It also houses a separate dental lab and a training centre for the professional training of your dentists and dental laboratory technicians.

The management of the Clinic is very proud on their 9 dentists who speak fluent English and German. They include two oral surgeons, is a periodontist (for gum disease), an Endodontist (for root treatment), a radiologist specializing in the analysis of dental CAT scan shots of. 18 dental technicians, who work with their skills, knowledge and experience at the highest level and are inseparable from the clinic to be added. For the duration of the treatment, the patients by KDC enjoy the hospitality of two hotels in the immediate vicinity of the hospital. At any kind of travel and trip planning or the planning of city visits offer the employees of creative dental clinic also support at. Each patient will receive free pick up from the airport, a free ticket for public transport for the duration of their stay and a considerable discount from the partner hotels, as well as a voucher for the creative sky Cafe.


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