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Reflection on Mothers Day

Posted by John Sommers on 12th July 2020 in General

It could not leave to write regarding the date meant of the May month that ‘ day of mes’. Speaking candidly Drew Houston told us the story. This must be a moment to think about the paper of the mother and its importance for the society. Many writers such as Randall Mays offer more in-depth analysis. The last times are innumerable the questionings how much which is the essence of ‘ to be me’ which must be true ‘ paper of the being me’. We must raise the paper of the being mother and is important to have awareness and taking of attitude front to the modismos, without leaving to value the mother and the family. We sambemos well that throughout history the family this changing and the people who of it are part come playing different roles of that our parents played when they created in them; but an accented radicalism occurred so that the presence of the mother inside of the family, each day that passes highly is banalizada. In the truth many children do not recognize the value of the mother generated who it; many husbands simply menosprezam its wives and, in this manner the homes are being destroyed the mothers also go being dismissed of its paper. They do not have doubts that the presence of the mother in the family continues being the biggest demonstration of God and its love in our life.

Our trunks are leaving this world and its examples seem must occasion effect. The family and the mother cannot serve of debauch. The family meeting must be reasons of joy, enthusiasm and will of if to raise the life, the agreement, union and fraternity they must be the tonic of these meeting and the presence of the mother must be enaltecida. Unhappyly mothers exist who live in the solitude, therefore make bitter the injustice of the children who do not recognize its importance. Still children exist () that they only know to think about its umbigo! But, in its majority and for our consolation, many families and many mothers they make in them to continue believing that nor everything walks lost: how many mothers heroines who do not give up, to the times suffer been silent and become it alive demonstration of the love of God in this world. Of heart it is our homage for all the mothers! Nor everything was lost, has a son, who knows one day it also will be mother.

I have wife, I have mother and for they leave my gratitude and homage, after all they, with determination, claw, courage and unfastening had collaborated in very so that today ‘ was one; pai’ that she has pride in having its family. I believe she has felt that it for the family that we can constitute and for it we must fight. Please, she makes its reflection regarding ‘ valuation of me’ , if she does not omit, after all of accounts the family cannot must be rejected and nor to be taken for destruction. The mothers must more be valued, therefore they had been and will be always the angels of the guard of our lives. That the gratitude that we feel in this date, for our mother, either express in each day that God giving in them of life. Congratulations to all the mothers!

The Best

Posted by John Sommers on 26th March 2020 in General

But through those traffic jams, he goes home, a well-deserved rest. Do not let him navorchat to everyone and everything – it's awful! Let the best smile and be pleased with their trips. Check out David Karp for additional information. Mode capes he chooses, an option may be a special massage that stimulates blood circulation. And now, sitting in the winter is cold the car owner does not auto freeze and it will not have a sense of discomfort. A few more words on the air in the car. Do you think fragrance is for men, women and children? No, and for cars too. Special bottle of essential oils will trip more pleasant, and maybe even give romance. Bubble missing an average of two to three months.

Well, nothing, not far off because the next day! Motorists have their own language on the roads. Sound and light signals – that's how they understand each other. Want to expand their communication? Give an indicator of emotion. A small screen with smiley is attached to the rear window of car with suction cups, and a remote control that can change the smile on an angry muzzles may be ahead of the driver. Is not the Internet, with its smiley face? 🙂 For a machine can give a lot of useful detail. For example, travelers and travel kits, inflatable pillow under your neck so you can was a break and take a nap, stands for phones and PDAs, mug, kettle … Of course, everything we know about what the Ministry of Health warns.

But if a man, who choose a gift, smoking, deliver him pleasure, giving flavored cigars or pipe tobacco. It's wise to learn what he may have allergies. And before you buy anything, ask the composition of tobacco. Now imagine how this would look respectable "man with tube "! But even if they already have something like that, add a beautiful collection of lighter, ashtray interesting, or original cases for cigars. Also, you can buy a guillotine or scissors for cigars. Returning to subject of clothes, I want to say that is worn at home. For example, why not donate a warm bath robe? A man will be in it comfortably. And maybe, lounging in a chair after a bath, he would feel the rightful owner home, and, of course, be grateful for the comfort you gave him. Another gift for the home can be painted your shirt. It's simple: think of in advance that you want to write or draw, try forces on the wrong piece of fabric, and more! You will need: a t-shirt (can be longer, but start with one), a set of acrylic paints for textiles, brushes, hoop or frame, which can stretch the fabric. Brushes better buy a flat bristle brush – they are easier to draw, and if your picture is the small details are easier to paint the outline of tissue to dye does not spread, do not dilute them with water, but you can achieve the effect of watercolor it with water or a special solvent. Be careful: acrylic paint almost satisfied with this content, even the "best" advertised funds. At 24 hours after the end of painting, drawing need to iron with the back of the iron without steam. Then – voila! – You can easily wash and wear this unique thing. Gifts, hand made, always very pleasant to those who receive them. Remember this the next "man holiday. " He's soon, right?

How To Find A Lost Generation ?

Posted by John Sommers on 5th May 2019 in General

Young people today is depressed like never before. No goals, desires, drained (they have already completed the development of wealth for power, fame, knowledge) were sex and drugs. Sex is also a little step back, and then suddenly drugs even not pull to take, so empty! … It was then, and we hear the universal cry of despair, when life is worse than death, and not die … – And then will open the opportunity to achieve happiness, eternity, perfection in the quality of bestowal and love. Michael Laitman recently in the press appears more and more material on the generation, refusing either to learn or work. Young people join the ranks of the unemployed, criminals and drug addicts. It's a shame, because each of us wants that our child is grown man.

After all of this depends not only on what he will, but our life tomorrow. Therefore we so painful to look at the youth, who does not see his future. Have we lost the next generation? Each generation is given the basic, 'carrying' desire, expressed in a certain ideal. This desire is a source of energy for the construction of a new world in which it wants to live next. But the desire in us all the time developed, one after another. And so a new generation of so visibly different from the previous one. Inspired the builders of 30-50s were replaced by 'otteplevshie' after the cold war 'the sixties', turned away at the time of the chase posts.


Posted by John Sommers on 2nd November 2016 in General

Almost all parents sooner or later face the problem of reluctance to go to the favorite child of kindergarten. Children and shout and swear and go into hysterics, but has nowhere to go and poor parents, I feel full of scoundrels forcibly dragged the child into kindergarten. So is it possible to teach a child to kindergarten? Of course, the only question is how much effort will have to spend it. How many parents are willing to wait to help your child gradually adapt to new conditions. There are three main groups of children in their reaction to stressful situations. The first group – children who react to a change in this situation a nervous breakdown. Francisco D’Agostino may help you with your research.

This is almost always added frequent colds. The second group – the children are not showing signs of nervous overstrain, 'just' beginners often get sick. The third group – it's kids, perceiving a change of circumstances with no complications, adequately. So, every second child belongs to the first or second group. But this does not mean that we should not give the child in kindergarten, and continue to keep it in the home greenhouse.

Upon admission to the school, you still have this problem, and there is less time and opportunity you will have to overcome the difficulties of adaptation of the child. Kindergarten is quite understandable stress for the child, but not insurmountable. Just need to help your child cope with it. The kid in kindergarten faced with many new things, relationships, situations, environments, and the mom next to no one who can help with all of this sort. So there is no sharp drop child in an unfamiliar situation, it is necessary to gradually approach the kindergarten by teaching the child to the idea that there's great fun and parents will not forget him there, and always will be taken home at night.

North American Indians

Posted by John Sommers on 30th July 2013 in General

For example, the legend of the romantic "love" dogs and otters', the emergence of a dog with a waterproof, stiff hair, a round tail and a huge passion for water. Of course, this is nothing more than a myth. Fortunately, there are many eyewitness accounts proving that the roots of rock are found in Newfoundland. This information applies to the 19 century and describe in detail the Dog St. John's, make a clear distinction between large Newfoundland and smaller dogs.

Colonel Hawker 1814. wrote: '… these dogs are perfect for any kind of hunting, they often have black rather than the other color and slightly larger pointer'. VE Cormack in 1822. remarked 'well-established breed dogs that are well trained to retrieve game. These dogs have short hair, which is preferable to long, because the latter immediately covered with ice as soon as the dog will come out of the water. " Another author wrote: 'In the parish of St. Johns meets a lot of squat, sleek dogs height of 45 – 60 cm, their nazyvayutlabradorami, but it's not Newfoundland, they're just born on this island.

" Quite clear that there were two variety – a massive, long-haired dog, which is known as Newfoundland, and smaller, with short hair. So who are these small, sturdy, fearless catching the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean and pulling out the network with the fish, help in the hunt and saving the fishermen during a storm Dogs St. John's? Maybe it's native Indian dog? But Cooper's book, "Newfoundland" noted that the North American Indians were dogs, but they were all types of Spitz, with small ears, a wedge-shaped head, a sharp face and a bent tail.


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