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Internal Audit: On The Effectiveness Of Internal Audit

Posted by John Sommers on 4th June 2019 in General

The AuditFactory says, why quality management of internal audit has nothing to do with effectiveness an effect is the direct or indirect success of a process which covers the success of deliberately selected target group or even a targeted selected process. In this sense, also the internal audit is a process, namely the process of monitoring of the organization. The term effect and effect measurement are the most fleshed out and defined in the discipline of evaluation, they are there a long proven and practical instrument for the evaluation of measures, activities, processes, projects, and programs. The internal audit contributes to the safeguarding of assets, to the regularity (compliance) processes and the efficiency of processes in the organization. The behaviour or process changes that can be captured as a result of this revision activities, should be counted among its effect only.

This is the case usually only over the medium to long term. However, some short-term are Effects possible and fixable. The task of internal audit is to monitor the Organization to ensure that procedures are correct and no money is missing”, so Elmar brother-in-law, Managing Director of the AuditFactory. As well, she pays attention to the efficiency of processes, such as the procurement, but also when the building management through a revision of the construction. “And finally she should provide effective protection against economic crime.” An effect in this sense it so if the organization is monitored by the internal audit department works economic medium to long term as a result of the audit. Drew Houston shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A mapping of the audit results is needed to evaluate the effectiveness. The authors of the commented text guide, to take an example, starting from the mere existence of an audit plan the effectiveness of an internal revision; This is wrong, because an audit plan the orderly collection of exam topics for a certain period of time has no effect in itself.

The effect begins sometime later after the professional processing of checks and tracking measures. Therefore, it is wrong to look at as it stands in the quality management internal audit focus only existing documents such as reports or plans”, so brother-in-law continues. With mere checklists, the effect of the internal audit are not covered because they see no interactions between the impact factors. There is an other instruments, namely an impact analysis.” The KurzVerriss and learn more about the topic of measuring the impact can be found on the website of the AuditFactory. About the AuditFactory: The AuditFactory offers services to internal audit (internal audit) and for combating the economic crimes (forensic services) and consists of a network of about twenty experts for risk – and process-oriented audit and consulting services in organizations of all kinds. The network of the AuditFactory includes resources tests and various specialists in forensic topics such as hard drive backups and reports specialist for process and participation exams, risk assessments, internal control systems, building audit, IT audit and IT security, human. The AuditFactory combines the idea of network as a single company with the bundling of audit and forensic services to a total package. Its customers include well-known German companies who hire audit and consulting services in the country and abroad, among others in the top ten of German engineering. Contact: The AuditFactory Executive Elmar brother-in-law book str. 28 74321 Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany FON + 49 7142 7748 331 fax + 49 7142 7748 359 mail Web groups:

From The Hobby Of

Posted by John Sommers on 16th August 2016 in General

For about two years on the market: Rental classic offers high quality vintage and classic cars for hire and wedding trips in Northern Germany. Lilienthal, August 5th, 2010. Since the invention of the automobile, it is far more than just a means of transport. A beautiful vintage stands for spirit and lifestyle, just older or rare models hold a special fascination. Both men’s and women’s hearts beat faster at the sight of a vintage car. The desire even to sit, the control of such vehicle is great for many people”know Joachim Korb, who made his passion with the company rental classic in 2008 to the profession. From his previous occupation as a health economist, he has not regretted the exit until today.

I am classic car lovers for 30 years and would like to make others who love also old cars, a joy.” Offers extensive range of rental vehicles in his business premises under the umbrella of the classic Centre cult mobile star”on the main road 19 in Lilienthal Entrepreneurs now 15 vintage and classic cars for hire in. “” “” A range that is unique in North Germany and includes among others following vehicles: Ford Mustang V8 convertible, Ford Taunus globe “, Porsche 356 and 911, Mercedes 190 SL, 230 SL pagoda”, and 230 tail fin “, Citroen 2CV duck” and VW Beetle Convertible. More are being planned. Whether as a gift for birthday, Christmas or an anniversary. For spouses, friends, staff or colleagues at work. For the ride to the registry office, the shuttle service to the airport or stylishly in the theatre, film productions, or simply for the joy of driving, there are always reasons to hire a nostalgic. Who would like to allow this unforgettable experience themselves or others, the car his choice in advance for a couple of hours when rental classic a day, a weekend, a week or even longer book. The minimum stay is two hours.

Stylish chauffeur drives to the wedding for bride and groom or Jubilees has a Joachim Korb in addition “further service in the program: chauffeur driving in an original Bentley 3.5 litre, built in 1935 this type of vehicle there are worldwide only few copies”, explained the owner of rental classics, which acquired the British pre war classic five years ago and has been lovingly restored. And it is unique, that you can rent it at me. ” Festively decorated the vehicle and its owner have accompanied since already many future spouses on the way to the civil registry or wedding. Furthermore, a Mercedes 280 4.5 SEL available with or without chauffeur. Also a Cadillac is planned for 2011. Kerstin Boelsen – headboard – Kontor for text, image & PR

Successful Organizational Development

Posted by John Sommers on 2nd August 2016 in General

PIDAS presented at the Customer Care Day in Vienna practice examples and new customer care concept Vienna April 11, 2012, what positive changes can trigger organizations through a sustainable improvement of the customer service, is a central theme at this year’s Customer Care day. The PIDAS Austria GmbH to loads numerous experts to the joint exchange of views in the Spanish riding school on April 24. “The event is under the motto customer service 2.0 of efficient support processes to the one-stop-shop in service-organizations”. By means of practical examples, external speakers explain how they have optimized customer service in their company and thus positively changing the entire organization. Also the new customer care concept 2.0 presents PIDAS.

“The Spanish riding school is just perfectly, because here is one of our core theses lived for generations and proved as a venue: results can be achieved with sophisticated methods, motivated people and good technique tips”, reports like. Reinhard Paul, Managing Director of PIDAS Austria GmbH in itself is very similar to our approach with the customer care concept, which has the optimization of customer experience management to the target, the training and education processes here at the riding school. Also there is about observation, analysis, and the combination of various measures aimed at improving the performance.” For years, PIDAS with the customer care concept on the market is active and has adjusted its approaches in version 2.0 on the recent developments. The concept includes well-founded methods and strategies for successfully and sustainably integrated customer experience management in companies. Frederic Monard, head of consulting at PIDAS, will introduce the concept in Vienna and explains: the concept of customer care 2.0 is a framework for the development of customer-centered, effective, and efficient service organizations in the social customer economy. With this framework, companies can meet intelligent the external and internal challenges and thus customer loyalty and sales performance as well as Significantly increase service efficiency and employee loyalty”.


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