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Posted by John Sommers on 28th March 2016 in General

The collective knowledge, is that there is a large gap in the field of business strategy, in a large percentage of companies, and those that have units and strategic planning processes, show still major weaknesses and rigidity that hinder the process of appropriate strategies. This situation puts at stake, nothing more and nothing less than the survival of the company. From there, the need to overcome these shortcomings, whose purpose is to contribute to improving the capabilities of the Organization to meet the challenges of globalization and increased competition. Brief background is known, before the entry of the new Government of the Bolivarian revolution with the management of the Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez Cold, its current President, the enterprises of the region lived the tranquility of a relatively stable environment, without significant shocks and counting with protections that allowed them to survive and succeed despite the costs, the levels of quality and productivity of their products and services and little concern for the development of human resources, inefficient public services, etc., companies that did not have to conquer markets, develop strategies, because this had been granted by the grace of the dominant State by the time existed a great disinterest by the companies in functions such as maintenance, development of human resources and in particular by the design of business strategies. Be widely justified rationality anti-competitive and anticompetividad that operated the company. At the start of the current Government with its programs, new economic openings, its impact on the productive sector and especially with your interest to avoid monopolies, coupled with significant tax policies, impositions, restrictions, has affected seriously the organizational behavior of SMEs, especially, causing an earthquake very relevant to many in its operation until the end, that some have been withdrawn and the remaining must restructure its traditional method operandi that has shown all his ineptitude and inefficiency to serve the company in a context of growing competition, instability and turbulence of the environment.


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