The ICU and Life

Posted by John Sommers on 20th January 2023 in General

Opening Eyes to the ICU and YMI Hey family?, And where are Marujita, Dad, Mom, my children, “I asked, already retired, have been here, I saw, you slept,” she said “But that rare Maruja is not, a he’s gone a “I a ” At 9.30 pm, just 15 October, Maruja appeared, radiant, fresh, smiling, just saw it, I was very pleased , with thumb raised in victory alava Cheers, a not smiling as he did years ago Aera our victory!, we deserved this victory, we had suffered and cried so much, Cancer and The Tyranny of Autocracy Cirroticaa Habian down! The rockets fiestaa break the silence of the ICU the smoke was dissipated in the Cieloa Aher-warrior goddess! – Smiling whatever happens tomorrow, later

This fights we won! The family respirabaa went to sleep Maruja Now the dragons fire-breathing expelerian The fight was over, ael Peace Act was signed A Liver dead-very-lamented, scars, referrals, sutures drenesa year there were prisoners! a But the false and treacherous enemy, Viral, Sobrevivio!, exiled and entrenched in the intima of the vessels. Sticking his ugly rostroa said ominously years, we see Michael! – EFSA is another story my friend!, I replied as Kipling-a Ahora’re defeated! Marlene and Fannie began to make me breathe deeply, breathe in through your nose, hold the air a few seconds and doing so repeatedly really that cansabaa Apero did! Then I made them change position in bed, elementary exercise, but in these circunstanciasa cansabaa Apero did! Soon came a Portable X-Ray Unit, made me sit down, put a cold plate on my back, air atom not breathe! AND Chest Azasan taken to plate., Minutes after the results came Dr.. . .

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