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Posted by John Sommers on 15th April 2022 in General

Most of the Spanish words are disused, let me exaggerate a little. And dictionaries have become museums in the lexicon. It is another consequence of being more practical. Simplify, shorten, delete ceremonies and formalisms useless, to be practical, save time and effort, jump; those are the watchwords. And, by the way, is something very modern. Complicate with as much paraphernalia would be thing of the past, of the middle ages perhaps. But actually we have something new and modern? Really is our culture evolving? Well, I am not sure. The most practical man of which I have knowledge is not modern.

It could be our ideal because he abhorred that any complication when it comes to doing things. The most practical man of which being aware is the primitive man. So little modern is that lived before the start of the story. That is the risk we have: return us elementary and primitive. Because that’s the end of the road when restricting the sophistication of our proceeding.

In this way a normal person comes to become rough and sparse. And thus loses all distinction that good taste can give. It is good to avoid the excesses of Formalisms and be practical. But the true man can not be so practical that you despise manners. Are they precisely those that do civilized, upper. The human being by definition is a practical little creature, lives of rituals. It tends to complicate up to the most elemental act with numerous ceremonies. An abbreviated example of thousands: prehistoric man would be problematic to invite current man to dinner. Instead of taking the raw food with hands and take it to the mouth is complicated with useless ceremonies. It calls for cooking it first determined specifically well known recipe. To then wait for certain times and sit at an object called a table. And as if outside, the food has little to be served in other objects called plates. Ending finally take food with some special implements intended only for such purposes. We are complicated by definition, we need it. So try to be practical but with a boundary. You aniquiles not spiritually. It preserves the spiritual richness which give only the things that don’t serve for anything.

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