The Organic Law Of Data Protection

Posted by John Sommers on 28th May 2019 in General

Organic Act (Data Protection Act) provides three security levels, with some nuances, and for each of these levels assigned the obligation to take a series of security measures and organizational techniques. Today we'll talk about those files that contain information of ideology, religion, creed, race, vidasexual, trade union membership and health, considered as sensitive data, and therefore should fit in the high security level. For the treatment of these data, we must establish a series of measures and protocols designed to good use and above all confidentiality in the handling of such data protocols to be reflected in the relevant Security Document. usion. As an example we will say that a procedure be introduced for the distribution of material containing personal data is performed by encrypting data, such as the encryption. Today there are computer programs that help us protect the privacy of our sensitive data.

You must also set a record store that allows access Period for a minimum of two years maintenance of each access and identification of each user's. Equally important is the establishment of a procedure to keep a backup and data recovery procedures in a different place than that in which the computers are who treat them. So these are some of the security measures that every company or agency that handles high-level data should take, always on the revision of the Safety, at all times must ensure that the information is treated in a timely and correct. This is the case for example in hospitals, health clinics, even those companies that handles data of this character of its employees. Breach of this legislation involves the imposition of fines by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), whose amount is fixed according to the type of sanction. Note commented by.

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