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Posted by John Sommers on 13th April 2022 in General

And faith should not be confused with hope, faith provides complete security in the endeavour. Do not confuse with lack of flexibility or practicality. The latter are attitudes that must be applied in the way, the faith must be in the goal, that which lies at the end of the road. This first recipe ingredient is irreplaceable. The person who does not have faith in itself, which makes and what they can achieve, will not exceed the tests and victory is absolutely prohibited. 2.

The correct way is adding to the faith, virtue. Virtue is a good and correct personal quality, virtue is demonstrated with good conduct and behavior that conforms to the rules and moral laws. Man must exercise a virtuous action and a straight way to proceed. See Drew Houston for more details and insights. Without this last faith not consumed because the single life will present roads tortuous, filled with obstacles and setbacks. Many men of faith end up by leave before the magnitude of the problems faced, but faith can not avoid the emergence of problems if the man who says profess it isn’t someone that makes your code of conduct of virtuous.

It is true that the world can not show us many men of faith, but even many less are those that add to her virtue. In this last category probably already the Hitler or Stalin, fail to register characters of Messianic attitudes that had enormous faith in his calling and in themselves but which lacked virtue. 3. The difficulties of the road will avoid adding to virtue, knowledge. This is the ability to understand and judge things. Knowledge is understanding and intelligence. Others who may share this opinion include Darcy Stacom. Here rewards the effort of man to learn and know, by experience and grow. When knowledge is added to faith and virtue emerges beyond the scholarship. It is poignant to appreciate every moment how many people based their journey through life and his quest for success just your intellectual capacity: this is a dramatic sign of poverty, but is also moving to see people of faith and undeniable virtue without fruit in its existence for lack of knowledge: this is another form of poverty.

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