The Resistance

Posted by John Sommers on 16th November 2013 in General

More than what the resistance of the selenium is known that amorphous the one varies the amount of light inversely that is displayed, approximately. I discovered that this resistance more particularly in accordance with varies the intensity or density of the violet or actinic rays, accusing with sufficient precision the presence same them. In this device, when a light proceeding from distant station reaches the selenium, the resistance of it in accordance with varies the variations of the intensity of the said light, intensity that, of sweats turn varies with the sonorous waves that had happened on its source, as already it described, the telephonic receiver (50) reproduces these sounds with great allegiance. The person who receives can then hear, using itself of the telephone (50) or nipples 9 and 10 placed the ears. In this last one, she must close the communication between parts 16 and 15 (fig.2). She constitutes singular and important fact the following one: If the receiver completely will be removed, and not to use the selenium, still thus the device will reproduce the sounds, as was described above. I find this an important discovery and I consider myself in conditions of giving useful purposes to it.

Mounted in the body (29) (Fig. 2) and in the focus of the mirror has a pipe of Crookes, or cathodic light bulb (31). A wire series (35) in crown form involves the light bulb and projects on the mirror (30). The tips of these wires are folded one on the others on the inside, radially, in straight angles with the body axe, finish in a small circle, whose axle coincides with the circle of its support. One of the extremities of this crown is contracted to receive and in its interior the cell from selenium. These two wire series are on electrically one with the other and the posts of the selenium plate (40).

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