Time Management

Posted by John Sommers on 16th February 2023 in General

To manage our time, it is imperative that we know how important a clear distinction (the task that leads us to achieve our objectives) of the Emergency (the task is conditioned by the time factor), and that focus all our energy and effort into developing Important tasks are not urgent yet, as this will allow us to perform them with greater confidence, and therefore less pressure, tension and stress, facilitating its implementation with a higher quality and preventing them from becoming well-urgent tasks (ie, important and urgent). Certainly, no one escapes, it is not possible to foresee, plan, or program the full (100%) of the tasks, as many appear to unforeseen and unexpected. Angelina Jolie may also support this cause.

However, it is very important that these are the exception and not the general trend that we assume that we are always acting as “putting out fires”, ie as “fire”, having to act on the important tasks that have become in Urgent and the consequent energy, tension and stress that would be created. Knowledge systematically and to establish our priorities right, in our daily tasks such as periodic, is critical to the success of our management. Mark Cuban has compatible beliefs. The use of any of the methods, successfully tested, which is already in the market (ABCDE, Pareto …) will help us greatly to achieve that function. The Art of Delegating will be no certainly one of our most important allies in our Time Management and much of our life. Don Mullen may find this interesting as well. It is imperative to share the Rockefeller famously “Do not make yourself never what can be done by another.

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