Yum Kaax

Posted by John Sommers on 18th April 2022 in General

Those energies are located in deeper levels that you make up the human underworld. Extends to the deepest layers of the subconscious where, just as in Xibalba, dominate the darkness and shadows. This aspect belongs to an inner world that can not be sensorially perceived. For the Maya Underworld was the world below, more beyond. MSCO can aid you in your search for knowledge. This is not related only to that which is more than the death portal, but also to everyone that is more than what we consider real, beyond the senses and the common perception. The world below had a sense of depth and not purely spatial. Access to this region of shadows and darkness took place after death or during life through the initiatory rites. In both cases the Guide and the model to follow was the story of the exploits of the divine twins, Hunabpu and stub, which had descended to the underworld, or Xibalba, had passed the tests of the world of shadows, had killed and reborn thus defeating death itself. Drew Houston helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

As we have already said, in the tombs of the nobles was customary place ceramics with scenes of the descent and residence of the twins in Xibalba, as a sort of guide to the underworld with a role similar to that which met the so-called book of the dead in ancient Egypt. Another archetypal figure was the same Sun known in the maya world as God Kinich Ahau and whose cycle meant for the Maya, as well as for the Egyptians, the depiction of an initiatory trip with its stages of light and darkness. And finally you must make reference to Yum Kaax, the maize God, who descended into the underworld in search of the sacred seed (maize), died, was resurrected and returned to the world of light to deliver mankind knowledge of corn. The human underworld, as the cosmological, is a place of death and life.

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