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Develop Motor Abilities

Posted by John Sommers on 28th December 2016 in General

1. Introduction: Step is an alternative methodologic strategy to develop motor abilities in the students of primary and secondary of an funny way. The classes of aerobic in step are originated in a program of cardiovascular aerobic exercises involving reiterated ascents and reductions of a platform the compass of music. We know that the children do not have the same physical or psychic characteristics that an adult, and within the infantile stage these characteristics vary remarkably. Consequently the sessions of physical education, would be the suitable means to carry out the classes of aerobic in step, preferably within a didactic unit dedicated to the development of the coordination, laterality, directionality, rate and corporal expression or within one of cardiovascular health or resistance. These classes of aerobics we have denominated like them, cannot be the same for children who stop adults. It is for that reason that, before designing a session of aerobic in step infantile we must to know the degree psychomotor development in which they are.

Only thus we will be able to prepare classes suitable and, consequently, effective and motivantes. 1. Psychomotor development of the children in ages corresponding to primary basic education. (2grado primary) the characteristics psychomotor of the children of primary education they can vary of an a others and no to agree necessarily with the chronological nor biological age, but majorities exist to consider in the sessions of aerobic in step: Physically, they begin to have better control and brings back to consciousness of the parts of his own body. They have control to inhale and to exhalar voluntarily in physical activities. It increases his skill and it holds and they are developed some physical qualities, like the resistance, forces, speed? It improves his skill and coordination in the movements, as well as their ability to express things with his body. Throughout this stage the children begin to cooperate among them and need to realise activities common.

Twelfth Five Construction

Posted by John Sommers on 20th December 2016 in General

The construction quality of railway in our country is a focal point for the local government and the whole country ever ACE. The ballast can also be called gravel or roadbed, which is used for supporting the pressure and scattering the pressure and have the function of fastening the sleeper and dewatering. As is known to all, the train has a high weight and the pressure on the railway is also huge, for this reason, very hard stone is laid under the crosstie and the size of the stone should be basically the same in order to form a trapezoid section. For this reason, the railway construction has very strict requirement to the ballast, that is, the particles should be excellent in shape and uniform in size. The crushing machines such as impact crusher and hammer crusher and the stone production line manufactured by our company are able to produce and supply eligible ballast with suitable size and even coexistence. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, the construction of railway network is tensely underway, so that the market demands for the gravels will increase with the construction of more railways. The crushing equipment is specially used for the production and process of high-output gravels and it can also be equipped with high-efficient stone production line in order to satisfy the high-output which will make the ballast processing needs more convenient.cone crusher: vibrating screen: Hongxing stone crushing production line is suitable for processing many kinds of materials such as hard limestone, granite, basalt, and slag and manufacturing artificial sand and cobble have been widely used in many industries such as water and power, building materials, highway and city construction. According to different technological requirement, we can combine different types of equipment in order to satisfy different technological demands of the customers. The crushed stone belongs to and the size of the discharged material mixed materials can be adjusted and there is no fixed materials discharging coexistence.

Chinese Cars

Posted by John Sommers on 12th December 2016 in General

Recently, on the roads of our country has increased significantly the number of cars. . Among the huge number of different car models are more common in China. Very decent car that can please both their appearance and performance and build quality. But the car is still a technique in which from time to time have to replace worn parts, and in some cases to do a full repair. If you needed spare parts for Chinese cars, you can easily find all the missing details in the Company "Win-Motors", which specializes in the sale of original spare parts for cars made in China.

The company "Vin Motors' operating since 2005, and has managed to establish itself as a reliable supplier for most models Incl Chinese auto industry. The company has a network of retail stores where you can buy accessories both wholesale and retail. You can always get at us all the necessary parts for cars Chery, Great Wall, BYD, Hafei, Brilliance, Great, Faw, Xinkai and Foton. All our stores the customer can purchase supplies for the MOT, body parts, suspension parts, mounting parts, lights and all the other necessary for the repair and tuning. Skilled managers are happy to help in the Chinese auto parts podbrat and give an exhaustive information on related issues. Dropbox recognizes the significance of this.

For regular customers in the company "Win-motors" a system for accumulating rebates and discount cards. The company's website can be found with an assortment presented in stores. Not finding a desired Prasit-list the item, you can apply by calling (495) 518-24-55, 514-51-25, and explore the possibilities of its order. Also you can send an email with a request by e-mail address: or contact the manager on ICQ: 368-703-930. For wholesale purchasing information is available in the wholesale division (495) 518-24-55. All the stores our company every day: Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 19:00 and on weekends from 09:30 to 16:00. The same application can be left after hours at our mailbox, our managers will process the information and will contact you as soon as possible.


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