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European Systems

Posted by John Sommers on 14th January 2020 in General

Working IT and telematic systems, as well as the underlying networks are the basis for our modern information society. Therefore, their security is becoming increasingly important. Friedrichshafen/Sindelfingen, 22.10.2010 – the increasing complexity of the systems and the increasing degree of cross-linking by mobile phones, car electronics or telematics with global information networks such as the Internet require new, automated and intelligent test procedure for data security. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Drew Houston and gain more knowledge.. In the European research project of DIAMONDS Dornier Consulting develops novel methods and procedures with other partners from research and development for automated testing of safety-critical systems. Model-based test methods are developed efficient safety testing procedures. Dornier Consulting will develop new methods and techniques by early 2013 together with the project partners and led by the Fraunhofer Institute focus. David Karp pursues this goal as well. The so developed procedures be implemented on an experimental open-source development platform. The innovations are a standard for model-based Prepare safety tests, which should serve as a basis for the introduction of formal safety testing in the industry. In addition, the research results directly entering the test framework will do.Keep atom of Dornier Consulting and thus extend the current model based testing tool world of Dornier Consulting crucial. Dornier Consulting promises thereof, to improve his “test factory” for electronic systems and services as a solution partner in the validation of safety-critical systems for its customers and end users.

Economics Technology

Posted by John Sommers on 9th January 2020 in General

10 years of Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech 10 years Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech environmental technologies make a double competitive advantage for Hesse’s economy, called this goal the Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech by the Hessian Ministry of Economics in the life. In the meantime, she can look back on a ten-year success story. By encouraging the Hessian producers of environmental technology and supporting innovative technologies, Hessen-Umwelttech ( is helping to make the know-how of the industry an important locational advantage for the Hessian economy. The environmental technology providers offers numerous services and information and serves as a mediator and central point of contact. The environmental industry is a significant economic factor with about 2,400 companies from waste technology, water and waste water technology, energy technology and air pollution control.

More than 75,000 employees and workers are employed in the environmental sector; together, their companies achieve an annual turnover of more than EUR 12.5 billion. You to strengthen, since the start of the action line win-win proved. Because through innovative environmental techniques Hessian companies are given the opportunity to make more efficient use of raw materials and energy, as well as to save waste and wastewater. Measures, which have contributed significantly to reducing costs and to become more competitive. With Hessen-PIUS costs, Hessen-Umwelttech by the beginning of the year started consulting program Hessen-PIUS reduce the still more consistent use of these synergies achieved for production-integrated environmental protection. With the motto to protect environmental costs reduce it wins more and more companies, the environmental action plan and implement. Small and medium-sized enterprises headquartered in Hesse receive subsidized advice, if they want to locate ecological and economic potential for optimisation in their companies comprehensive advice through networks but also with many other measures the Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech supported providers and customers of innovative environmental technologies in Hesse, Germany. A to provide comprehensive advice, she cooperated with other initiatives and economic development institutions such as the country’s offensive to develop scientific-economic excellence shortly: lion, the Hesse ModellProjekten, the technology Transfernetwork, the Consulting Centre for economic development and the Hessian contact point of the Enterprise Europe network.

Magento Developer Guide

Posted by John Sommers on 3rd January 2020 in General

Visions unveils new tail on the ‘meet ‘Magento in Frankfurt on November 2, 2009, the most important Congress on the subject of Magento in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange takes place for the second time meet Magento. The main sponsor is the Hannover Magento Agency of visions, author of the first German manual for Magento development, which will appear in the winter of 2009 at the O Reilly publishing again. Visions on the meet Magento in Frankfurt presents parts of the new industry tail. The first official and comprehensive guide to the Magento development will appear entitled Magento Developer’s Guide”on the German market in the winter. (As opposed to Kaihan Krippendorff ). On the basis of their extensive project experience with Magento in the enterprise segment, the authors Dimitri Gatowski, Daniel Brylla, Sebastian Heuer and Claus Nortmann provide principles, techniques, and practical tips to the shop programming, customization, and integration with Magento. Theme idea on the meet Magento”who want to wait until the official release of the work gets a taste of on November 2 because on the meet “Magento” visions in part two themes of the book presents: a Dimitri Gatowski about the diagnosis of the current system is session-based debugging on production systems without disturbing the normal operation “refer to. Also present Daniel Brylla and Sebastian Heuer the theme front end adjustment”based on a sample from the part of the recipe:”Representation of the added value for the users and introduction of necessary adjustments scroll in the needles directly on the product page,”.

Meet Magento has established itself as a leading event on the topic of Magento”, Alexander Ringsdorff, managing partner of visions, on the upcoming event would be. To deepen your understanding Evergreen Capital Partners is the source. In the project of Magento – Developer’s Guide ‘ lots of work, experience and passion have been taken in the past six months. It’s especially great that we have the opportunity to present a large and interested audience of industry Parts from it before release date.” About Magento Magento is with 1.2 million downloads within only one and a half years the world’s fastest growing open source E-commerce-system worldwide. Adapted specifically to the needs of large online retailers, Magento is also available in a commercial Enterprise Edition. The manufacturer of Varien designed E-commerce solutions in the United States since 2001 and has been released after two years of development in April 2008 for the first time for productive use Magento. Visions of the Hannover Magento Agency of visions has extensive international experience and has since January 2008 Magento as a platform specialized in. In addition to Magento consultancy, training and workshops, visions offers individual Magento solutions with access to local ERP, warehouse management and financial accounting.

Productive Development

Posted by John Sommers on 1st January 2020 in General

The Argentine agribusiness sector is one of the pillars of the country’s economy. From the extraordinary natural resources available, the development of the country was rooted on the production and exports of agricultural and livestock origin (wheat, soy, meat, etc.). However at present, the complex political situation economic forces companies to consider the possibility and opportunity to incorporate value product to optimize their marketing to improve the competitiveness and positioning in the market. This increase in value-added involves the obtaining of higher quality (food technology and engineering) taking care to achieve a differentiated but accessible product. Over the years, the Argentina has made an important effort in the development of institutions for research and development, and in promoting innovation in food technology and in the agricultural sector.

However this process of modernization of the primary production, the industrial structure has been oriented to obtain products with low added value or commodities (cereals, oilseeds, flours, oils, beef cuts, etc.). Arises at the same time the growing national and international demand for foods with more comprehensive quality. This concept is associated with aspects such as safety (security), nutrition, sensory characteristics, stability (shelf life), processes of conservation and quality management (including environmental management). In our area, and the country in general, the food industry is composed of small and medium enterprises which are observed deficiencies in terms of development in technologies of food and to the efforts of technical training of staff and systems of quality. Business strategist shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The incorporation of professionals with a strong technological training to the productive system of food industry decrease such deficiencies that hinder the obtaining of more comprehensive quality. In the past 20 years the knowledge became the basic input to add value to products. The production of knowledge, its application to the development of technology, and the dissemination and adoption of these in the productive apparatus is competition of the society as a whole but particularly of the technical educational institutions as the ISETA. That’s why ISETA shape since 1979 professionals in the area of food, which can visualize a productive chain integrated from the basic raw material obtaining until the consumption of the products obtained. Professionals who are rapidly inserted in current food industry (Science and technology of food) more demanding increasingly knowledge and capacity.


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