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Before You Start Creating A Site

Posted by John Sommers on 30th May 2023 in General

I decided to write this article only for beginners web.masterov. Why? Yes, all because he had once started and Nemer spent time searching for relevant information. I would like to help beginners make the right choices about what direction go. Of course everyone chooses himself, but in this article I will try to explain what obstacles will meet on your way to create a website. So, why bother to buy something, because the Internet is full of all sorts of video tutorials, and free and not bad as to create a website, and to establish their own business? Let's look at this issue in a concrete example. Suppose you decide to create your site, you have a plan of the site (for which he was to you needed), there are specific goals and objectives.

Call this one word 'idea'. You do not have a clue about html, css, php. What exactly did you do next? And then go online and start looking for all sorts of programs to build the site. Found set up and Yes, all right, they arrived! Work with the program of course no one is taught. Oh well! We seek a video tutorial on working with this program and of course we find, learn, try a concrete example. It seems everything is clear and you are delighted by the fact that all turns out. Look back, the week flew: the search for the program, video tutorials, download, study, testing. Learn more on the subject from Don Mullen. Here's to you and the week.


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